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Chapter 17 The Giving

Chapter 17 The Giving

Disclaimer: I don’t own Stargate Atlantis.

Warning: contains violence and spoilers for Season 4.

I will do my best with the next chapter. I give you my word:)

The chapter is not beta’d, please excuse my grammar:)


Miranda was running in the corridors, trying not to trip on the long leather jacket.  She encountered several times enemies Wraith but she was faster stunning them and leaving their bodies behind. She could feel how he was weakening with every second. ‘If only there were transports here..

She took the right corridor and rushed into a big hall. An enemy Wraith was working on a console and drones were guarding around. Miranda had eyes only for the limp figure in the pool of black blood on the floor. His eyes were closed and the grayness of his skin made him looks like dead. Seeing her, the enemy Wraith snarled and the drones opened fire.

Something in her exploded and the world became slower. Like the drones had been stopped moving, even the enemy Wraith was standing with a vicious expression on his face and bare teeth. Miranda shot once hitting the first drone, then eliminating the others. Her mind was analyzing the situation, while her body was doing all the things independently. ‘I’ve just accelerated my metabolism! No wonder why everything seems so slowly…’ Then the world came to normal again and she found herself in the hall with the stunned drones and the astounded enemy Wraith. He was still standing there not with a face saying ‘I will eat you!’ but with an expression of stupor. He tried to catch his stunner but Miranda reached him first, twisting his hand and slamming her fist into his face. His body made a short flight to the wall hitting it with a sticky sound and laid there motionless.

In the moment when the enemy Wraith’s body hit the wall, Miranda got to her Wraith. He didn’t react when she touched his cheek.  She could feel a slight pulse but his chest wasn’t moving indicating no breathing.

Gently, she held his right hand and opened it. His feeding slit was covered with his own black blood, ‘He must have tried to stop the bleeding..’ She pressed the palm on her chest and felt how he began sucking by an instinct.

Is it my imagination or there is a difference in the feeling how every Wraith feeds?’ A wave of energy filled her, making her stronger.  A whole ocean of life was fulfilling her, wave after wave of vitality, making her body vibrating with the every drop of vigour. She saw how he opened his eyes as the wound was healing. Her mind touched his, ‘Are you better now? I thought I will come too late to save you..’ She sent him feelings of worry and images how fast she had run in the corridors. She felt his smile and senses of amusement and gratitude, ‘And I was thinking I am going to save you!

The link was so strong that she could see his thoughts and his emotions toward her. ‘You had worried about me…?.’ she raised her eyebrows, looking at the now greenish face.

He looked at her widened eyes, a smile on his lips, revealing the sharp teeth, ‘Yes…’ His voice was hoarse. There was no denial, no shame or pretence to hide the truth, just a simple answer saturated with so many unspoken feelings, that her head began spinning. For the first time in her life, Miranda was caught emotionally unguarded. 

The nearest controls exploded and they had to shut down the link. He removed his hand and stood up, looking around. He noticed the outstretched Wraith near the wall, the stunned drones and sparks of admiration glimmered in his golden eyes.

“You really know how to deal with the Wraith!”

She just smiled.


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