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Chapter 16

Chapter 16 Awakening

Disclaimer: I don’t own Stargate Atlantis.

Warning: contains violence and spoilers for Season 4.

Hold on the name of Miranda’s Wraith is coming soon:)


This chapter is not beta’d, so excuse my English:)


She was standing on the green meadow, flooded with the moon light. Miranda felt the grass under her naked feet like a wet silk. She was looking at the full moon, enjoying the slight drizzle. The drops were raining over her, warm and soft. Only the quiet sounds of night birds disturbed the surrounding idyll. She tried to ignore the sharp sounds but they became stronger and louder. The moon began to blink. Miranda found that she can no longer enjoy watching the moon and looked around trying to find the source of the sounds. Suddenly the silk grass under her feet became sloppy and the ideal night disappeared.


She opened her eyes and saw a console with dimly lights over her. Miranda tried to move but she was wrapped in something warm and slimy. Only her face was free.  Despite her covered ears she could hear the alarms, echoing in the room.

Where am I?’ she thought, trying not to panic. She moved her feet and hands but the stuff that covered her was resilient. All of a sudden the room began shaking like something big was hitting it. She saw how the light began to flicker.

I have to get out of here.

She forced all of her strength and tore the slimy warp around her right hand. Then she freed her left hand and managed to release her legs. The slippery organic material has no smell but was still disgusting. She almost slipped herself on the floor when she tried to get up from the warp. The air was cold and in the first moments she just sat on the organic floor, in shock from the freezing air. Trembling, she realized she is naked and the only thing that was covering her was a thin film of sliminess, like a hair gel. Miranda looked around. The room was big, almost dark. She stood up and realized that the warp that she has tore was a cocoon.

I am on a Wraith ship!’

The memories began coming on the surface of her mind. The sword in her chest, the greenish face, the hunger, he holding her hand….

‘I am in his Hive’, suddenly the surroundings were more comfortable, even the cold diminished. ‘But where is he?’

Again the floor shook and Miranda caught the nearest console. The trembling stopped and all of a sudden the alarm was shut off.

Now, after she was awakened, Miranda was sure something was not right. Hundreds of voices were buzzing in her head, like she was near a bee hive. She concentrated, feeling the voices.

All of them are Wraith. Some are dying, others are wounded. And …’, she could recognize a mind, definitely Wraith, but so strong, like a super nova star, comparing to the other Wraith. ‘The Queen.’

She was curious to explore that mind, but she wanted, she needed to know what is going on with her Wraith. 

Another hit, shook the Hive and Miranda reached out and found that they are under attack of another Wraith ship. ‘They have encroached upon the enemy Hive’s territory to save me.’ She made out one Hive and three cruisers. Her attention was distracted from the swift pain in her chest. A glimpse and she saw an angry Wraith stabbing a spear like weapon in the chest of her Wraith, destroying a vital organ. ‘He could not regenerate, because of the severe hunger, caused of the Civil War.’

The last time he has fed has been when we were together in the jail’, realized Miranda and felt terrible to watch a suffering creature. ‘He can’t heal himself, he is going to die…’ She backed up and focused. Saving him was a priority one now. Quickly she searched the room but she didn’t find any weapons. ‘All of the weapons are now in use from the Wraith’. His pain was driving her crazy, she didn’t have time to equip with weapons.

The decision was surprisingly easy. Taking a deep breath, she headed towards the door. The same instincts that had overwhelmed her in the forest were now storming in her. The cold and tremble disappeared, something hot was boiling in her head, spreading in her body. Removing the organic cover over the controls, she redirected the electric chains and opened the door. There was no one in the corridor and she ran into the direction from where she was feeling him. She was aware that he was weakening but she didn’t dare to connect with him and encourage him because she was afraid her skills are not fine enough to link with him undetected with so many Wraith around. The voices in her head sounded louder and louder. Miranda realized she could recognize the minds of the enemies Wraith from the members of this Hive. The enemy Wraith’s minds were floating with a feeling of victory, a loathing over their rivalries, plans to overtake their feeding grounds, while the minds of the Wraith in her Hive were whirling in despair, hunger and desperation.

They are outnumbered, without humans for feeding  and realizing that if the rival Hive captures me, their enemies will have an endless source of sustenance.’

Miranda took a right corridor, flying upon a Wraith. ‘The bastard must have been sensed me’, she realized while his hand was slamming to her chest. The sucking filled her ears, ‘I have never thought I will like how the Wraith feeding sounds’. The influx of energy was so strong that she felt how her ears began ringing. Ignoring the wave of strength, Miranda grasped the feeding hand of the astounded Wraith and with a quick movement broke it. He screamed of pain and tried to free his hand, but her fist hit his face and he fall on the floor. Miranda stepped ahead and kneeling on a knee held tight the collar of his coat. Strange, but she felt great fighting with someone. Then she realized she had met that Wraith before. ‘He is the scientist that was going to do a dissection on my body!’

How small is the galaxy. Everywhere you go you can count to meet a familiar Wraith!’ 

He was looking at her and she saw how his eyes changed when he also recognized her.

“It is so interesting to experience what is to be on the other side, don’t you think?” She asked mockingly, noticing his amazement. His eyes were wide open. ‘I haven’t seen such a bewildered face.’

She stroked him once more, stunning him and then quickly removed his stun pistol. ‘He has fed, so it won’t be longer till he recovers’.

Miranda squatted and began to undress his coat. She was almost ready when he regained consciousness.

“What are you doing, Lantean?” he asked, slitting his eyes.

She took the coat and standing up looked at him,

“So you haven’t lost your sense of smell?” she lifted her eyebrows, watching him calculating a chance to catch her. She aimed the stunner at him and he froze hissing.

“If you try to link with your buddies, I will stun you and then I will throw you out of the first air lock I find out. You know I am not joking.” He eyed her and stopped hissing. She gave him a wide smile, while dressing his coat. “I see we understand each other perfectly”.

The leather reached the floor, after all the Wraith was a foot taller than her.  She was trying to figure what to do with the sleeves, when he said, “How do you know I haven’t informed them already?” There was a curiosity in his voice.

Miranda was turning up the second sleeve when he spoke. She just shrugged her shoulders and came closely, kneeling on a knee.

“How do you think if I am capable to revive my body and restrained to Wraith feeding, will something little like a telepathic communication will be a problem for me?”

She slid a finger over his cheek and neck in the same way he had done it months ago. His breathing became faster remembering that scene. She smiled again and stood up, pointing the stunner at him.

“I will stun you now but I think you will awake after few minutes. When you do I suggest going quickly to your ship because otherwise you will be a prisoner here. I don’t think the Queen of this Hive will like you enough to keep you alive.”  

“Why don’t you just stun me and throw me out the nearest air lock you find out? Or keep me as a prisoner in the Lantean City?” There was something strange in his tone and Miranda became aware that his eyes are no longer dilated in shock. He raised his eye ridges, looking at her with sparkles in his yellow eyes.  I begin like that Wraith.’

She laughed and answered, “I don’t like the idea of throwing out the airlock a pretty Wraith like you. It will be such a waste of genetic material.” He was again surprised and was staring at her like he didn’t believe to his ears. “And I don’t think you will like to be a prisoner in Atlantis. Colonel Sheppard may not be in a light mood and you wouldn’t want to end up with a name like Dick, would you?”

The stunner hit him in the same moment he realized the meaning of her words.


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