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Chapter 14 Poison

Chapter 14 Poison

Disclaimer: I don’t own Stargate Atlantis.

Warning: contains violence and spoilers for Season 4.



Hive’s organic walls were vibrating at the accelerated rates of the hyper drive engine. The last time he remembered the Hive flying so fast was 10 000 years ago when they were fighting in the War with the Lanteans. Ironically they were again in hurry but this time to rescue a Lantean. He could feel the agitation of the Queen and his brothers. The feeling was flowing in the Hive’s link like a storm. When he and his brothers returned alive after they have been captured with the amazing story of a Lantean that gave them sustenance without dying, the Hive was truly astounded. And now with the call for help, the decision of the Queen was expected. They will go and fight but they will find that Lantean.

Focusing on the hologram he noticed that they have reached the destination from where the call for help had come.  He stared at the blue image of the planet that they were flying to.

It is blue as her eyes’, he thought and with the thought for that Lantean female came a feeling that he hasn’t thought he would feel for a Lantean and to anyone else except his own kind. When he first met that strange female he wanted nothing more then to suck her dry from her energy. He was hungry and wounded and the sense of the Lantean was overwhelming. She was like a whirl of life, pulsating in blue, like an oasis in the desert. Comparing with her the other human males that wounded him, they were like mud.

Feeding upon her the first time was unforgettable. He was sucking and sucking and the energy was beautiful, never stopping or depleting. As longer he fed the more energy came. Like she was a never failing spring of life. He was astounded and felt how she became stronger, like his feeding was giving her the same he was receiving from her. Then he felt for the first time the link between them. To leave her when the humans began shooting at him and wounded her was one of the most difficult decisions he had ever taken.

Miranda….Her name is Miranda….’ He tasted mentally her name, feeling an excitement by the single thought about the name of the Lantean female. Unlike the Wraith for the Lanteans and humans the names were public, they shared them easily. ‘Miranda Langner…Doctor Miranda Langner….’

He wanted to stay with her not to feed, but just to be closer to her presence. Like his Queen Miranda’s presence was exhilarated. Thinking about her he remembered her long hair, with a color like a sunrise, with red gleaming.

Such an unusual color. A few tones more red and she would be alike the hair of a Keeper…’

He remembered her smile, her good feelings, and her honor……And her pain when she linked with him an hour ago. He tried many times to establish a link but it didn’t work.

I hope she is still alive….’

Her feeling pain made him fear. The thought that he could loose her was unbearable.

A low cough from one of the technicians that were working on the console, made him aware that he has stopped working and was standing staring at the hologram that now was showing that the Hive will have to drop from the hyper space. Feeling a little embarrassed that he had been caught out of guard he looked at the hologram and the tactic display. He sensed the orders of the Queen Stargate to be dialed and the dart’s pilots to investigate the planet and order him to go on the planet and find the Lantean.




Miranda slowly came to her senses. Hunger was burning in her and the pain was severe. She was on the chair and someone was splashing water into her face and body. Blinking, she tried to find out who is doing that.

“I thought Lanteans are stronger. A little drop of liquid of truth and you failed away. Are you ready to speak, now?” A low and sneering voice whispered in her ear. Miranda turned around her head and faced the man that had captured her.

She looked at his black eyes.

 If only I was free, I would kill him!’ she thought but she knew it is useless to try it now. ‘If I pretend to work for him, I could convince him to untie me’

She was trembling and sweating when she took a decision. “I will tell you everything what do you want to know.” She saw the sparks of triumphs in his eyes and his smirk.

“Very good, my dear. I think we will understand each other excellent.” He ran a finger to her wet midriff and then to her throat. His smirk was disgusting.

I think I will kill him slowly’, she thought, trying not to scream from the fire that burned in her. Miranda looked around. Teyla was not in the tent.

“Where is Teyla?” she wanted to know. He hit her face and raising again the blade covered with the blue stuff, came closer to her, “I am the one who asks the questions.” She drifted back from the blade, hating his smirk and gloating.

“But I am in a mood to tell you. I send her to the Gate as a delivery for my employer. As we speak she is crossing the Gate.”

He didn’t say anything about Keller. So there is a chance she has reached Atlantis.’

He was just to go on with the interrogation when one of his men rushed into the tent with a terrified look.

“Commander Lort, the Gate was just activated and few Wraith ships flew from it.”

Lort scowled. “Damn it! I thought that world has been culled recently!”

He looked at the soldier then at the Lantean. She was pale and from her nose and mouth were flowing little streams of blood. He came closer and touched her cheek. It was cold as ice. Her eyes were unfocused and she was hardly breathing.

“It seems that the liquid of truth is a poison for the Lanteans”, observed Lort and told to the soldier, “Untie her and bring her to the forest.”

The soldier untied her and lifted her body on his shoulder, following his Commander to the forest. Miranda was so weak that she could not move even her hand. Energy was diminishing fast. Everything in her was burning and she was seeing the world blurred. Outside the sun was high in the sky. The soldier got her body and leaned her on the tree. She tried to stand on her trembling feet. Lort brought out his sword and holding the hilt of the shining blade, he raised it.

“You are going to die so I decided to end your suffering. After all it is better if I kill you than to be fed by a Wraith. Do you want to say something before I finish you?”

Miranda was shivering. ‘I want to be fed by a Wraith, more than you can imagine.’

She clenched her teeth and angrily looked at him, “This is your idea for help, isn’t it? If someone is sick you are finishing him and even expect me to be gratitude for your gesture? You are pathetic!”

She saw how Lort scowled. Obviously he didn’t expect her to resist when she is dying. Miranda felt how the inner bleeding became stronger and the blood chocked her. Spilling the blood out, her last strength left her and her feet gave up. She fall on the covered with leaf ground and Lort came to her and lifted the blade, pointing it to her chest. The buzzing sound of approaching darts filled her ears. Lort heard it too.

Miranda raised her eyes to the blue sky, ‘At least I will die under the sky that looks like Earth’. Lort stroke and the blade stabbed to her chest. Miranda didn’t even scream she just hadn’t strength to do it. The world faded away when someone began to scream and she heard coming steps. A figure stood in the sun light and she saw the familiar greenish face with a tattoo like a wave with three lines. The yellow eyes were staring at her with horror.

She smiled at him and whispered “You came!”

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