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Chapter 12 Honor

Chapter 12 Honor

Disclaimer: I don’t own Stargate Atlantis.

Warning: contains violence and spoilers for season 4.



Miranda walked behind the enemy Wraith, inspecting the situation.  From the low hill she could see

five enemy Wraith and three worshippers, besieging her people. She aimed the stunner and fired.

Two enemy Wraith were hit by the blue charges. Surprised one of the other Wraith turned around

and reveled himself for her stunner. Miranda quickly neutralized him and one of the worshippers.

The friendly Wraith shot the other two worshippers. Sheppard and marines’ P-90 hit the enemy



The battle was short and furious. Miranda stood up and headed towards her people.


She looked at the wonder-stroked faces of Sheppard, Teyla and the Wraith. Zelenka was supporting

the wounded McKay.


“Dc.Langner, I thought Ronon has killed you!” Sheppard exclaimed, with widened eyes.


“He killed me, Colonel. I will explain you later my resurrection.”


He just nodded, staring at her body and the spot where Ronon had shot her.


The eyes of her Wraith were sparkling, liked lit with internal fire. She could sense the feeling that

stormed in him and the other Wraith.


They are astounded, not believing what they are seeing …and ….respected …even …??’ She was just

to identificate the last sense, but yelling of McKay stopped her.


“I can’t express how happy I am to see you again, Miranda. If you haven’t shown up I should die from

my wounds!”


She looked at his wrapped shoulder.


“Thank you, Rodney. But how did you get this wound? Last time I saw you were alright.” Miranda



McKay blushed and lifted his chin, ignoring the mocking eyes of the marines.


“I shot myself…but this was during the battle!”


She raised her eyebrows and smiled assuringly.


“Don’t worry. We are going home and I am sure Jennifer will take care for you.”


“Colonel Sheppard, this is Caldwell. What is going on there? The sensors are picking Wraith life signs

near you.” the voice sounded from Sheppard’s radio.


So they have come with Deadalus.


“We rescued McKay, Langner, Ronon and the marines. You can beam us …” he was just to continue,

 but Miranda interrupted him.


“Colonel, wait!” She looked at the Wraith. They stood there with stone expression on their faces.


Sheppard threw a glance at her and said, “I will tell you when you will have to beam us.  Sheppard



“What?” he asked, tuning off the radio. She could see that he was impatient to leave this place.


“I have to do something I promised them.” She nodded to the silent group of Wraith.


Sheppard scowled and getting closer to her, whispered,

 “We could take them with us, you know.. Keller will be very happy to have them.”


Miranda understood his point. She locked eyes with him and said with a serious expression on her


“Colonel Sheppard, when I came to this galaxy, I signed on a contract to be a scientist and to follow

 the orders of Dc. Weir or yours in a case of emergency. But nowhere in the contract, have I agreed

to lie or not to keep my word.”


She saw how he threw her a surprised look. She didn’t give him time to recuperate.


 “They could leave me, after they killed Tyre, but I asked them for help and they agreed. So far they

have kept their word, gave The Gift of Life to McKay and cooperated in any way. I promised them

freedom if they help me. And now you suggest taking them with us. For the Wraith this will be a new

jail, even more disgusting because they will be nothing more then guinea pigs to the retrovirus. If you

insist, I will follow your order, but this will means disgrace for me, you, Atlantis, Earth. Because we

 will loose our honor. “


 She continued staring defiantly at him. Sheppard’s forehead was still frowned. Miranda could see

 that he was thinking about the Wraith with whom he had escaped from Kolya’s cell, few months

 ago. She could feel the eyes of the Wraith on her.  


He raised his eyes, “You are right.”


She took a deep breathe, relieved. “Thank you, Colonel.”  Her Wraith hasn’t moved his eyes. Waves

of admiration flew from him and the others.

Miranda looked at the Wraith.


There was no need to explain, they understand.


She walked to the DHD of the Stargate and pulled up the control crystals from the big pockets of her

trousers. Quickly she attached them to the controls and stood up. Touching the red activation zone in

the centre of the DHD, she saw how it lit. Miranda stepped aside and one of the Wraith started

dialing the Stargate. The other three were still looking at her. The link between them and her was

stronger than ever.

She saw how the Stargate activated. Her mind touched theirs and the words echoed in their heads.

Good bye. I wish you well.’

She sensed their mental nods, while entering in the Stargate. Her Wraith stayed and looked at her.

His eyes were enormous, like two yellow crystals, shining on the green face. He gently turned back

the mind touched.


I have never thought that I will meet a Lantean like you….so different and so honest.”


She looked at him, amazed that he had found she is a Lantean.


You have read my thoughts!’ she was angry to herself and ready to blame him, but he said, ‘No! I

smelled the blood of the Lanteans, the first time we met.


She recognized the truth in his words and calmed down.


“Dc. Langner, the sensors are picking up approaching Darts. We have to go!” Sheppard cried out.

She was just to break the link but he stopped her.


Shall I see you again?’ he asked.


Who knows?’ Miranda answered with a smile and breaking the link, nodded to Sheppard.


The sparkling light of the beam sent her on the board of Daedalus.


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