Chapter 21 The Battle

Chapter 21 The Battle

Disclaimer: I don’t own Stargate Atlantis.

Contains spoilers for Season 4 and violence.

Flying through the clouds, the Jumper reached the upper level of the atmosphere, heading to the space. The rising Sun lit the silver surface of the ship making it glistened as a jewel against the dark background of the Hive. Entering in the opened bay doors, the Jumper was escorted by two Darts to an empty platform where it landed.

Inside the ship, Miranda released the controls and with a mental command shut off the computer’s systems, giving an order the Jumper to be sealed when she gets out of it. The front window glass of the Jumper remained polarized, reflecting everything in the cabin. She got up from the pilot’s seat and with a last look towards the mirror surface of the front view screen, walked to the hatch.

At least I look better than the last time we saw each other’, she thought, stretching the gray jacket of her parade uniform. The blue strips on the shoulders and sleeves were in harmony with her eyes. The low necklace revealing a lot of her white skin. She has put a little make-up over her pale face, combing her strait hair till it was shining as a golden coin, flowing down her shoulders and mid back. The emergency lights in the cabin were giving the blonde clusters copper lustre.

The Jumper’s exit opened and she stepped ahead on the organic surface of the Hive.

Three feet away was a lone Wraith Commander, standing on the edge of the platform. If it wasn’t for his white hair he would be almost invisible in the dark, outside the light.

But not for her. In his presence the darkness around was as bright as the shiniest room in Atlantis.

Miranda could sense his presence like thousands lit candles. The Wraith moved and for an instant he was by her side. In the dimly light his eyes were shining like a melting gold.


Their minds merged; whirling in a vortex of passion, so powerful that she has a feeling the whole Galaxy could hear them. To see him again was overwhelming. She plunged her hand over his cheek, then his lips, enjoying the forgotten feeling of touching him.

He gently caught her hand and their fingers met. His thought flew into her head,


He raised their hands and whispered aloud, “I am very pleased to see you”

She tightened the hold around his hand, “I can see that” he threw her a look full with emotions and hidden hope that burst into flames of pleasure, when she uttered, “Because I am too”.

They stood still for a long moment, holding hands, with locked eyes. He fondled the palm of her hand without moving away his golden eyes from hers. Then he stepped closer and to her amazement embraced her. Their bodies touched, she could feel his coat and chest armor against her chest. The explosion of desire was fired by the first time their bodies met so closely. Her arms clasped around his back and she rested her head on his shoulder. Alarick gently stroked her hair, sliding his other arm down her back. Her mouth caressed his ear with its warm breath,

“I thought the Wraith don’t do it”. He released the hold and eyed her inquiringly,

“I mean the Wraith don’t hug each other”, she explained.

He gave her a naughty smile, “That is not the one thing that we are most famous with.”

She slid the fingers of her other hand over his eyelid’s tattoo dawn his cheek, brushing against his lips,

“Come, we have a little time”

Alarick sighed and releasing her hand, just nodded,

“As you wish”

She plunged a look at him. The leather uniform of the Second in Command emphasized his handsome figure. The silver symbols on his chest glistened between the clusters of his silky hair. Suppressing the need to touch his lovely hair, she concentrated into the conversation with the Queen. They were both seated on the same organic chairs as the first time they had a … talk. Miranda was quite impressed with the fairy purple dress of the Wraith. ‘They really have a fashion style’. The other female long hair was in an intricate hair-do with a lot of purple and yellow ribbons.

He was standing up like the other two high ranking officers in the room.

“So in order to keep my promise to you and your Hive I came with that plan”, finished her statement Miranda and looked at the silent Queen. The female Wraith gave a low snort of approval,

“Very well”, her smile was one of the little genuine smiles he has ever seen on a Wraith face, “Then we must proceed with your plan as fast as possible. Although there is a little inconvenience in it. After an hour the other Hive will arrive here and that is not enough time for you to provide feeding for every Wraith on that ship” Despite the words, the Queen’s voice didn’t sound accusing.

Miranda sighed, “I know but I will try to find an excuse to come again … “She stopped talking when she noticed the faintly smile of the Queen, “You have something better in mind?”

“Actually I have”, confirmed her speculation the Wraith, “I can feed upon you and absorb the full capacity of my body with nourishment. Then when we are not in a rush of time I will distribute it among my crew”

“But…”, Miranda was struck with the image that idea brought in her mind, “the quantity for five thousand Wraith is enormous, are you sure you could do that? I know that the last time you fed upon me you took more than an average male Wraith but so much…? ”, she glared doubtfully at the Queen.

“I can”, said the Queen”As your medical scientists know from the previous encounters with the Hive’s Queen that betrayed you, my kind is very resilient, especially the females. What they don’t know is that when we produce new warriors for the Hive we must feed upon hundreds even thousands of humans in order to provide the energy needed for the procreation. It is a feature that has come during the evolution of our species”

Miranda watched as the Queen graciously got up and walked towards her. When she was a foot away, she extended her right hand and gently put it on the Lantean’ naked collar-bone. The sucking sound was like an ocean storm in Miranda’s mind. Wave after wave thundered in her, a pure bliss of rapture flashing through her body. ‘The Queen’s enzyme must be more powerful then that of the male Wraith’, she tried to analyze the feeling. She was dimly aware that the female Wraith was holding her shoulder with her other hand, but in a state of bliss nothing really matters. Miranda was clutching the arm-rests of the chair so strong that she was has a feeling the organic material will be compressed to a jelly when the feeding ended.

Lifting her eyes up, she noticed that the Queen’s eyes were closed and her face twisted in the ecstasy of feeding, ‘Oh, my… I am not the only one feeling great’.

She reverted her sight to Alarick and for a moment wished him to be the Wraith feeding on her. He eyed her with glazed golden eyes and Miranda realized that with the strong telepathic abilities of the Wraith, he can feel like his own the waves of pleasure emanating from her mind.

Hours later for her or what were only forty minutes in the real world outside her mind, the feeding stopped and the Queen stepped aside.

Releasing the almost deformed from squeezing arm-rests of her chair, Miranda took a deep breath, trying to find that part of her brain responsible for talking,

That was cool!”

Blinking in an attempt to focus she looked at the Queen,

“Did you take enough for providing your Hive with sustenance?”, she asked pulling with trembling hands a handkerchief from her pocket.

The Queen was shining with vitality; her voice vibrating with the influx of energy,

“Definitely”, the toothy grin was full with satisfaction.

With every breath, Miranda was more in control of her body. When she finished the wiping of the blood on her chest, her hands were calm again.

Every time I meet a Wraith I am learning something new. Who would know that a Queen could absorb as much sustenance as to feed her Hive?’

The sensor’s view screen showed how Atlantis slowly disappeared from a view.

The cloak is engaged’.

The Queen was in her Throne Room ready to look royally when she will have to speak with the Queen of the other Hive. According to Alarick it was uncertain in which territory is Atlantis now after that sector of the Galaxy was a disputed territory amongst several Hives. Some of the Hives have Queens that will have the right to speak with his Queen, while the others haven’t and their leaders will have to negotiate with the First in Command.

Miranda and Alarick were in the Command Hall. He was managing one of the consoles outside of the range of the main screen, while the First in Command of the Hive was standing directly against the main data screen. The tall Wraith, Miranda had seen during the conversation with the Queen, was looking quite formidable. ‘I have a feeling this Wraith doesn’t like me’, she thought remembering the hidden contempt in his eyes when the Queen has left.

Oh, he doesn’t like anybody. It is not your fault’, a known voice sounded in her head.

Alarick!’, although she was surprised by his intrusion, she wasn’t angry, ‘Have you ever heard the concept of personal space?’, she pretended to be angry but with him that wasn’t possible.

His mental chuckles filled her, ‘I have. But thanks to the link we share, I can easily feel your thoughts, as you can mine.’ His memory of the shared pleasure they have felt during the recent feeding flew into her mind, ‘And your mental barriers are not so strong towards me, as against other Wraith’

Oh, really?’, teased Miranda, reaching out through the link and touched him there, sensing how he shuddered with the rapture of the touch. For a moment his firmly façade of a fearless Wraith Commander was shattered by an expression of delight. Only one of the lower ranking technicians standing on the console opposite, noticed the moment of non-so Wraith behavior of his Second in Command. The other Wraith just threw her an odd stare and went on with his work. The First in Command, busy with ignoring her, didn’t notice anything.

Recovering from the surprise, Alarick playfully retorted, ‘Is this an invitation?’

Before she could respond to that challenge a hyperspace window opened and a Hive ship emerged, heading straight to the planet and her Hive. Immediately the flirt was suspended and they both concentrated on the incoming signal. A male Wraith appeared on the view screen, speaking out loud,

“You have entered in our territory, uninvited!”, the anger in his voice was visible.

The First in Command responded coldly, “My Hive will travel wherever the Queen wants!”

The other Wraith hissed in rage and the communication ended.

What was that?’, asked Miranda.

Just another display of the First in Command’s lack of diplomacy. Why did he have to put his finger in that wound?’, answered Alarick manhandling the controls.

What?!’, she still didn’t understand what was all that about. He eyed her for a second, ‘Did you remember when I told you about how Dick’, a true venom mixed with jeer emerged in his mind when he mentioned the Wraith King, ’has attempted to capture a Queen in his war?’

Yes’, she said, still unsure what Dick’s battles has anything to do with that.

Well, this Wraith you saw was First in Command of one of the Queens that has committed suicide when Dick tried to capture her. He has been on another ship and all he could do has been to watch helplessly how his Hive with his Queen explodes’, his words were like glowing nails, scratching against his sense of justice.

The First in Command turned to Alarick and gave an impatient snort. She could feel his agitation but also the feel of wrongness, coming from her Wraith. She read his thoughts, ‘He gave you command to fire first?!’, she couldn’t believed it but his answer confirmed it, ‘Yes, unprovoked!’

Suddenly the data on the screens changed, blinking in red. A loud sound echoed in the Command Centre, ‘They are powering their weapons!’, Alarick’ thought resounded into her head.

Oh, no! If Woolsey decided this is a violation of the truce he will order Sheppard to fire drones!’, Miranda panicked, ‘I hope Carter will be able to hold him till the battle ends!’

The Hives started firing at each other till eventually the enemy Hive’s hull gave up. The explosion was huge. Simultaneously with the coming shockwaves from the Hive the Jumpers rematerialized and their shields protected their Hive from the destruction that was otherwise inevitable.

She turned to the First in Command. The Wraith was standing there, looking smug. With a nod to his Second in Command and a reluctant stare at her, he headed to the door, leaving the brig to the other officers.

Miranda felt something she hasn’t experienced since her dealings with Lort – the idiotic mercenary that enjoyed harming her and the others just for the pleasure of doing it. She felt hatred. A pure, white hot hatred,

“Bastard!”, she said aloud.

Alarick silenty agreed with her.

A few minutes later, looking at the shards left from the rival Hive, Miranda realized something. ‘There were only two Hives and I saw three. The vision Davos gave me was not the one of that battle.’

She glanced at Alarick. Her Wraith was towering over the console, with gleaming eyes and an aura of handsomeness around him. He sensed her eyes on him and gave her a warm mind touch, keeping on his face the mask of a stoic Second of Command. Unsuspecting about her thoughts his attention was diverted by another officer coming with a data tablet, ‘No matter when or what this vision is, I will find a way to prevent that fate for him and …’, she looked around the Control Room at the many Wraith officers storming in the hall, our Hive’.

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Chapter 20 The Seer

Chapter 20 – The Seer

Disclaimer: I don’t own Stargate Atlantis.

Warning: contains violence and spoilers for Season 4.

This is an AU fic of Atlantis, so this is how I think the events in the Seer should have happened. I know that I left you all my loyal readers to hang out there without a new chapter so I ask for your forgiveness. Just sometimes the real world is a bitch.


Walking through the long corridors of Atlantis was something that she will never tire out. Miranda liked it to walk freely and especially to go out for a breath of a fresh air on one of the many terraces and just sit there and watch around the shining beauty of the Ancient City.

How different is Atlantis compare with the dark and gloomy depts of a Hive’, she thought, reaching to the goal of her walk – the Detention center of the City. Two guards were standing in front of the door with ready to shoot riffles. When she and her companion Doctor Jennifer Keller approached, they saluted and one of them activated the controls of the door. With a nod, Miranda entered into the chamber and went to the prison cell. She could hear how the door was closing behind her with a slight hissing sound.

With her presence in the room, the Wraith sitting on the bench in the cell, lifted his eyes and looked at her.

For a moment they were just staring at each other. Then Keller took out a PAD and said out loud, “I would like to run some tests on you, if you don’t mind”. The Wraith barely noticed the other woman in the cell but gave his agreement with a slight grunt. While Jennifer was walking around the cell and making notes, Miranda tried to pretend she is busy with inspection of the security controls of the cell – that was the pretence with which she had managed to get into the Detention Center.

While she was looking at the date on the tablet, her mind reached out and touched the Wraith’s.

I see that you are looking well after the last time we’ve met’, she sent a telepathic grin to the Wraith. She wanted to ask him for Alarick but this will reveal too much of her relationship so she had to start the conversation with something more formal.

I am’, was his vague answer, then he took a deep breath and for a moment their eyes met again. ‘While speaking with Sheppard and your leaders, I realized that they have no idea where you have been..’.

Raising her eyebrows as if something on the data-screen has intrigued her, she pulled out from the pocket of her trousers a pair of coupling and attached them to the controls. As the scanning began, she answered,

They don’t know what really happened on New Athos. I told them I have managed to escape from the mercenaries and while trying to find the Stargate I have met a scout party from the Wraith culling. I had a weapon from the soldiers that have captured me and with it I have killed one of the Wraith. That’s how I explained my new coat.’

And what about the promise you made to the Queen?’, Miranda could sense his controlled politeness.

Finishing with the diagnostics, she reattached the coupling and pretending to be looking around, her eyes fixed the Wraith,

I know what I have promised and I intent to keep my word. From what I can feel on you the time for the new feeding has not come yet, am I right?

She felt his mental nod while formulating the next words,

I will find a way to be on time for my promise. But I don’t think it is necessary for Stargate Command or anyone else to know about my … deals’. Miranda hesitated but continued, ‘You have seen Carter and Woolsey…’ when she mentioned the name of the IOA’s representative, she could almost touch the Wraith’ sneer, ‘if they have known for my promises and especially for my new abilities, I would be now back on Earth, locked in some lab and trust me…’ she clenched her fists, trying to show no agitation, ‘the retrovirus treatment on your kind will be just a wonderful spent time comparing to what they will do to me, if they suspect.’

There was a long silence in the link between them. Miranda didn’t expect the Wraith to say some cheering-up words so she just turned off the tablet, when he spoke,

I can see your dilemma. Although…’ he made a step to the bars and something almost wicked shone in his yellow eyes, ‘I don’t understand it. The Queen asked you to stay with our Hive’.

And I gave her my answer’, she turned around and was about to cut off the link, when his thoughts reached her mind.

Don’t you want to ask me another question?

She faced him again and with a guarded expression just lifted an eyebrow, ‘Like how is the Second of Command of my Hive, for an example?’ he said with flickering eyes not hiding his amusement.

Miranda stared speechless from the hints in his question, ‘Obviously, I am not so good in guarding my emotions as I thought’, she gave him an angry look, ‘You like that, don’t you? To shock people around, like you did with Woolsey and the hand shaking!’ His chuckle was all the answer she needed. She turned around again and tried to leave with grace when her curiosity won the battle with her dignity.

All right, how is he?

“Jennifer, what do you want to be fixed?” Miranda asked, while looking around the Infirmary. She noticed the old man that Teyla and Keller had found on New Athos. According to Teyla he was some kind of a fortuneteller. He was looking very ill on the medical bed. Near the bed stood a young woman, holding his arm.

Keller left whatever she was doing and pointed to the medical MRI’ device, “I need you to recalibrate it. Its readings are strange and showing odd results of Davos’ brain scan.”

Miranda started the checking programme but everything seemed to be working correctly. She opened the maintenance lid but all the systems were functioning in the right order. Closing the lid she noticed that Jennifer went to the door obviously on a call. ‘I’ll leave her a note…’, she thought but suddenly she felt a presence near by. Turning she saw that the young woman she has spotted to the old man’s bed was patiently standing near the MRI, looking at her.

“Yes?” Miranda wasn’t exactly a fan of dealing with the natives of this Galaxy but she had to be polite with the girl.

“My father wants to speak with you. He has a vision about your future”, said the other woman.

Miranda tried not to roll up her eyes with annoyance, “Look, Miss, I am sure that everyone else will be happy to be an object of fortunetelling….” she looked at the bed and her words faded. The old man’s eyes were opened, shiny blue. For the fist time since her encounter with the Wraith Queen Miranda has seen a mind with such strength. ‘Strange, I didn’t feel it when I walked in..’ Silently she stepped to the bed. He raised his hand and made a sign to his daughter to remove the oxygen mask from his face.

Carefully Miranda touched his hand. With unexpected strength his hold tightened.

With a flashing lightning Miranda found herself in the middle of a battle between three Hives. In instant she recognized the planet above which was the battle – the new world Atlantis has landed.

The Hives were so close to the atmosphere so she could see the shining towers of the City and the three moons on the sky. Strange but there was no signs of Atlantis’ defenses, no drones, even no….shield! Two of the Hives were targeting their weapons towards another Hive. The lone ship was heavily damaged.

In a blink she was in the ship – the Command Center was buzzing with activity but many of the Wraith were wounded or dead. Her mind was attracted to the Wraith Commander on the brig. ‘Alarick!’ she recognized him and ran to him “What is going on here?” she shouted but he didn’t hear her. The consoles started exploding and at that moment she knew that the enemy Hives have hit the power generator causing linking explosion. The organic walls started to melt around her and in horror she saw the flames surrounding her Wraith, “Noooooo! No!”

The world returned again to the Infirmary and while she was heavily breathing, Davos released her hand with compassion in his eyes, „I am so sorry!” Suddenly he closed his eyes and started trembling. His daughter’s cries attracted the attention of the personal and Miranda stepped aside.

What I saw … is this the future? But …

The calling in her com link for a meeting of the senior staff members forced her to back up. With a sinking heart she went to the transporter.

In Sam’s office Woolsey, Carter, McKay and Sheppard were watching at the screen. Miranda recognized immediately what was there, even before Rodney’s words, “Another Hive is coming toward Atlantis!”

“If we cloak the city, we lose shields. We'd be completely vulnerable to attack!” Woolsey’s voice echoed in the office. Miranda was sitting on one of the coaches with blank expression on her face. ‘I don’t know what I despise more in Woolsey – his hysteria or his hypocrisy

“And what if he's telling the truth? If we don't cloak, we'll be giving up our position!’ responded Carter beginning to raise her voice.

“He's been playing us from the start. This is what he wanted all along.” Woolsey insisted.

“All right, wait a minute. A little while ago you thought the Replicators were gonna destroy the city. Now you think the Wraith are gonna do it. Which one is it?” Sheppard as always acting like a knight in a shining armor, defending the lady.

Woolsey looked at Sam, unable to answer. Sam turned to John, “How long until the second Hive gets here?” He frowned, “Two hours.”

While listening to the high pitched crying of Woolsey, Miranda was hit by an idea, ‘I think I just found out the perfect opportunity to keep my word!’, she coughed and all of them looked at her, ‘I will see him, oh, now I am even grateful for this new uniforms Carter forced us to wear! And he will not die in battle!’

Standing up she said, “I really can’t see what the Wraith will gain from Atlantis if we assume he is lying. Even if we are relatively vulnerable with the cloak we can switch to shields for a second and then Colonel Sheppard will destroy both Hives with few drones. Wraith are in a severe Civil war and under attack of the replicators. Even if they know our location they won’t dare to start an attack – as Sheppard’s Wraith said they don’t trust each other. So, I am almost 100 percent certain that the Wraith is telling the truth.”

Sam gave her a smile and she could feel the relief of Sheppard. Woolsey was looking like someone with a stick up his ass. Hiding her laugh, she continued, “The question is what we shall do about the protection of our Hive?” her words made the other three people freeze. Sam seemed thoughtful; Sheppard’s forehead frowned, while Woolsey looked perplexed.

“What do you mean? They have weapons and they can defend themselves …” he wanted to continue but Miranda just cut the crap, “Yes, they have weapons that are equal in power to the other Hive that is coming. We have seen before a battle between close standing Hives and we know that if one of them is destroyed, the explosion will most definitely kill the near standing Hive!”

Woolsey shut up and she could see how his brain circuits were calculating the situation.

“What are you suggesting then?” asked Carter.

Miranda tried not to show her satisfaction how was the conversation progressing, “I suggest to place outside the Hive cloaked Jumpers. I can make some modification of their shields so they can extend over a greater area. The Jumpers will be located over the strategic points of the Hive and when the other one explode their shield will be enough to protect the most near side of our Hive from the blast.”

“They will never agree to that. With their suspicion …” Woolsey might be hysterics, but he was smart enough to have a basic knowledge about the Wraith’s psychology.

Miranda creased her forehead, pretending to be astounded by the complexity of thought of the IOA’s representative. Looking with barely kept mask of innocent stupidity she asked, “But we only want to help them, not to harm them!”

“Ha!”, proud with his genius, Woolsey was almost stuck-up, “They don’t trust each other, so why they should trust us? No, we have to offer them an assurance…” he glanced at her, “You are the one who brought that idea, so I am sure that you won’t mind to be on the Hive. If we gave them one of our top scientists as a …um…guest till the problem with the enemy Hive is solved, we will show not only our trustworthiness but also that we don’t fear to have one of our people be there!”

Miranda was about to burst with laugh how easily Woolsey had caught the bite, but she acted like she was afraid to go on the Hive. After few objections she gave in and agreed with Woolsey’s plan. It was decided that Sheppard will inform their Wraith about the protection measures. While the IOA agent and Carter were arguing, she turned to leave to get ready the Jumpers’ shields, when she noticed the way Sheppard looked at her. There was a slight grin in his hazel eyes.

He wasn’t deluded not for a second!’, she realized, ’He has a bond with his Wraith thanks to the Gift of Life and he has seen me with Alarick’s mark on my chest. Does he suspect I have the same bond as his?’ she glanced again at him but he just nod and headed to the door, ‘But like me, he also has a Wraith to look after…

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Chapter 19 Like a Wraith Mind.

Chapter 19 Like a Wraith Mind

I don’t own Stargate Atlantis.



Slowly he released the hand-controls and looked at Miranda. She was still busy with the computer tablet, speaking with one of the higher-ranked technicians, who was working under the console. He was the one that was pinned to wall in order to be fed and interrogated when they invaded the chamber. She was smiling at him, pointing a finger to a data in the tablet and around her were flowing streams of good will and bright emotions. He was amazed how freely she was communicating with the other Wraith. ‘If she was a Wraith..’, he thought, catching himself of dreaming about something that wasn’t going to happen.  

The Lantean sensed his eyes on her and turned, giving him a smile. He felt how something began to burn inside him, like standing too close to a fire.

“The secondary systems are working alright. And Ron assured me that the regeneration of the Hive is successful”, she and the technician met eyes, a thin smile appearing on her lips.

He was so drawn to her presence and at first he didn’t realize her words. “I am glad your plan worked. The Queen is safe and ...”, and then it hit him, “Ron?!” He frowned, rising eye ridges. The technician just shrugged his shoulders and tried to hide under the console.

“Well, he told me that the Wraith names are secret that is not shared with others outside the Hive, so I asked him how I should call him. And Ron didn’t mind the name.” Miranda answered cheerfully. He was able only to give her a blank stare. A gnawing feeling became to rise in his chest. ‘She gave him a name…and he accepted it.’ He wanted to ripe out ‘Ron’, to suck him dry till nothing left that could carry a name. ‘She never called me with a name’ He fixed with a look ‘Ron’ who was almost buried into the console. The other Wraith didn’t want to meet his eyes, not wanted to open his mind for a telepathic conversation.  He could feel his colleagues’ minds sharing disturbing thoughts about the action of the Lantean female.

He took a deep breath and came closer to her. Unaware of the storm of emotions that was raging around her Miranda finished with the calculations and pushed the ‘Enter’ button. He didn’t say anything just stood there waiting to attract her attention. She glanced at him, “Yes? What’s up?”

He tried to formulate a proper introduction for his statement. “Can I speak with you?” He could feel the eyes of every Wraith in the room but he didn’t care. He wanted to know, he had to know….

“Of course”, she focused her attention on him and waited. Her blue eyes were shining with curiosity.

He looked at the others and caught her elbow, “In private”. He wanted much more that to touch her hand but he had to clear out the things with…he chocked mentally ’Ron’.

They went to the illuminators and he lowered his voice, “Why did you give him a name?” He wanted to scream from her betrayal but he managed to restrain himself to a whisper.

She looked startled, “Well he and I were working on the secondary systems and I had to refer him in some way. Not just ‘Mr. Wraith’ or something like…”

“But he accepted the name you gave him.” He interrupted her. ”After what happened I thought you are interested in me and now you are giving this male a name, to him! After I outranked him, and after the connection that was built between us …” he was furious, the rage was driving him crazy and he felt how his low whisper rose up to a shout. He was sensing the attention of the Wraith in the room but he didn’t care anymore what they will think of their Second in Command.

Miranda was standing before him with a stunned expression on her face, radiating emissions of surprise and innocence.  When he began to shout she stepped closer and transfixing him in the eyes said slowly, “You think that I named him with the intention of…”, her mind touch his, reading his emotions and thoughts, not stopped by his delayed attempt to hide them. A wide smile appeared on her lips and she continued with a mocking tone, “sexual encounter? Wow!” she turned to the place where ‘Ron’ was still hiding and laugh. “And now you are feeling betrayed because of my action?” She shook her head and then looked at him, this time serious, “I didn’t know that you Wraith can see humans or Lanteans as anything more than a walking food” her voice was cold like she was speaking about trivial things. He wanted to object but she stopped him, raising a hand.

“I gave him a name without knowing about your …” she made a pause “cultural differences.  I didn’t even think that such a thing is possible …well not with a Wraith anyway.” She nodded in a genuine surprise, not seeing the pain on his face, and turning around, went straight to the console. She caught ‘Ron’ and pulled him out under the console. He was throwing strange stares at his Second of Command but didn’t move or show fear.

“Ron, I want to clear out something.” Miranda said in a loud voice facing him and the other Wraith, gathered around. “When I gave you a name and you accepted it I didn’t know that this a mark of..” she frowned, “affection or intimacy. So I want you and the others to know that was just a friendly way to make a conversation and work with you. Is everything alright now?”

She was smiling again and ‘Ron’ just nodded in agreement accepting her words. But when she squatted and began to switch off the wires from the tablet to the controls, he bare his fangs to the Second of Command, who was standing behind the Lantean female,  ‘So you think this ‘explanation’ will stop me?’


She turned off the tablet and began reattaching the organic wires, when her hand stood still over the console. ‘What is that?’ he wondered. She stood up and looking around with a twisted face, rushed to the place where till an hour ago were the chamber’s doors.  He gave an order to the others to continue working and ran after her. He was vague aware Ron followed them but he was determined to find out the source of what she has just detected.

Miranda passed one, then two corridors and stopped in front of a door, pushing the controls. The door opened, revealing two men, a space hangar and a lot of Wraith darts.  A narrow path was connecting the door with a big platform.  The battle hadn’t destroyed the docking ports, leaving them unharmed.

The men were trying to open the hatch of the nearest dart and didn’t hear the sound from the opening door.

She slowly walked to the arguing men. They didn’t notice her. He and Ron were following her.

“Commander Lort!” Her low voice caused the men to jump and face her with eyes full with horror.

Lort tried to run but for a second he was pinned to the dart. Her hand was holding him with a steel grasp. He tried to kick her but she squeezed and he gave up. His companion was restrained by Ron and was shrieking in despair.

Now he felt it. A black hole of dark rage, revenge and desire for extermination was whirling in her mind. Her eyes usually light and shining with a hidden smile was now slit in venom. A smile, so Wraith in nature on a face of a Lantean made him felt fear. ‘For the first time I see this side of her’, he thought and the sense of alike Wraith mind so familiar reminded him of his Queen.

“What did you do with the Atosians, Lort?” she asked, loosening the grasp around his throat. The man gave her an insolent smirk, “What will do if I don’t tell you, uh?” He looked at the Wraith behind her and then at her, “Kill me? I know what you the Lanteans are doing everywhere in this galaxy. You can’t kill a fly not to mention a human like me.” He was now openly mocking her, self confident in his rightness.

The Wraith could see that she hesitated but just when he believed that she won’t make the next move, Miranda tightened her grip around Lort’s neck and turned him to face ‘Ron’ and the soldier in his hands.

“And you call yourself a human?”She whispered.

“Ron, would you mind if you suck dry this thing you are holding? Slowly…” she asked with a honey voice and watched with a cold stare how Lort began to grunt at the view his subordinate being fed by the Wraith. For a few seconds from the soldier left nothing. Ron threw away the husk with a satisfied grin and Miranda released the stunned human. Lort fall on the floor gasping for air in a complete shock. He didn’t try to run; even he knew that it will gain him nothing.

She step closer and he babbled, “I don’t know what has happened with the Atosians.” When she frowned and Ron extended his hand, showing the human his feeding slit, the man cried “I really don’t know. I was contacted by a former Genii, his name was…” he was almost suffocating from fear, “Neemo Goen. He was once from Kolya’s strike force but I know he was working for someone else now. He didn’t tell me the name of his employer but he wasn’t a Genii. Neemo brought me the device of the Ancestors and show me how to activate it. He hired me to find the Atosians and to attack them. I was ordered to gather the Atosians on one site and then to leave. Then I found you.”

“But you haven’t left, have you?” she said.

She can read him as I can and she knows he is telling the truth’, he thought fascinated by his Lantean.

“No. I wanted to know what Neemo would do with them”, the man confirmed, licking his lips, “He did something with a strange device, not like I have ever seen and then the Gate was activated. Several men came and herded the Atosians, but Neemo stayed.”

“Where were they taken?” she asked but Lort just raised his hand, “I don’t know, they were around the dialing device and I couldn’t see”

She looked at him, considering a thought, “You know, when you were torturing me with that poison, I promised myself that I will kill you slowly.” She almost hissed the last word. “But know I changed my mind. You are too much a coward and a scum to be killed in that way.”

Lort believing that she will after all spare his life said “So everything is forgiven? I was just doing my job, nothing personal…”

Miranda glanced at him and he knew what to do. He caught the human and tore his shirt, extending his right hand. She was right beside him, still hasn’t raised a voice, “I didn’t say that, Commander Lort. You will die because of what you have done to me and all the other humans, doing your job. Just you will die fast.”

He started feeding and while the waves of sustenance flew through him he turned his head and link with her mind. He thought that he will sense a triumph, a gloating over a defeated enemy, but he was surprised to find out only sadness. ‘She is not enjoying killing, not even a useless human like this one

When he was done with the human, Miranda looked at him and at Ron. “And now gentlemen, I would like to speak with the Queen!”



Queen’s chambers were surprisingly light and without the usual mist floating everywhere.

The Queen was standing in the center of the chamber surrounded by her Wraith.

She looks very well for a Wraith that had been heavily sedated’, Miranda thought and not moving his eyes from the Queen’s. Energetically she entered in the room not looking aside and walked straight to the Queen. When she was only a foot distance she stopped.

The Queen hasn’t move. The two females for a moment just stood there, locking eyes. Each one was a taking a measure of the other one, appraisingly calculating. Then the Queen inclined her head and with a surprisingly for a Wraith gentle voice said.

“I have been shown and told so much about you. And now I am meeting you in person”.

 Miranda was astounded how different a Wraith’ face looks without the vicious frown so typical for the Queens. The female Wraith made a gesture with her right hand to the two organic chairs in the center of the chamber. Her hand jewelry glistened in the smooth light.

“Shall we seat and discuss….”a slight hesitation in her voice, “the current situation?”  

Miranda walked ahead and sat on the chair. ‘It is really amazing how comfortable an organic chair is’, she thought, crossing her legs and watching as the Queen was sitting on the other chair. All the male Wraith gathered around, standing and silent.

Miranda smiled at the Queen, “I want to thank you for coming to my rescue on that planet.”

The other female mirrored her smile, “The Second of Command spoke so highly of you and your abilities. I thought we can come to understanding. You have shown to be reasonable and to be a Lantean that keeps her word.”

Miranda nodded and passed her eyes over one of the silent Wraith with a tattoo on his face, standing behind the Queen. He was looking at her intently and she knew why. “Actually if it wasn’t that Wraith”, she nodded to him, “Sheppard would have strongly objected my decision to let the Wraith go free. After their escape from Kolya, Sheppard believes the Wraith could keep their word and have some sort of honor. That’s why he agreed with my decision then.” She could see how the eyes of the Wraith widened.

The expression on the Queen’s face was unreadable when she spoke, “And if your superior hadn’t agreed with you, then what would you do?”

Miranda chuckled, throwing away the hair that fall over her eyes.

“Sheppard …my superior? Oh, that was funny.” She leaned on the back of the chair, feeling her good mood coming back. “When I return to Atlantis I am sure Colonel Sheppard will appreciate the irony.”

“Let me be honest with you. I am one of the Chief Scientists. I answered only to one who leads Atlantis. Sheppard can only interfere me in a case of military emergency. So the short answer to your question is I would have kept my word no matter what the Colonel tried to convince me.”

Her face became serious again, “And now after you assured yourself of my status shall we speak about … the current situation?”

The Queen was looking like someone that has just opened a box, finding a bomb inside it. Then something new appeared in her smile, “Very well. I am very interested in your regeneration abilities and your response to the feeding. I am offering you to stay with my Hive.”

“And do what?” asked Miranda, “An eternal food supply? No thanks.”

The Queen’s smile turned unpleasant. “I could force you to stay!” Not so hidden treat emerged in her voice.

Miranda brushed a speck from her sleeve and smirked, “I am sure that Dick has thought the same not so long ago.” She hadn’t move, nor changed her body language of confidence.

Her statement caught the Queen with a lowered guard. She blinked, shaking her head. A grimace of disgust and confusion crossed her features. Then she calmed down and sighed. “You are right. I couldn’t. You saved my Hive from a certain death and defeat that traitor. I owe you my life.” A renewed toothy smile flashed on her face. “Dick is so interesting name. I am sure that he liked it. As well as his Hive!”

For a moment the two females were just grinning at each other at the thought of the Wraith King Dick. Miranda could sense the satisfaction of the Queen and the males around them. “He didn’t seem to show his appreciation of the new name. May be because the self destruct and the exploding cruisers distracted him.”

“How did you manage to write such a program so fast? My scientist analyzed it and they found out that it is very elaborate.” The Queen asked.

“Actually, that is a Wraith program that was targeted at one of our ships during the Siege of Atlantis. After the program was cleared from the ship’s computers I studied it and in my spare time made some…modifications. I’ve tested it on captured Wraith ships to overload the security barriers and to control the secondary systems. However so far I haven’t succeeded to override the primary systems.” Miranda seemed lost in thought, “This gives me very interesting ideas about utilizing the program for other uses. Hmmm…” She realized she has just got absent-minded by the curious looks of the other Wraith and focused, “Anyway you have the software on your database now and I am quite sure your scientists will find a use as a weapon against the rival Hives.” She transfixed the Queen, “And now I would like to offer you a deal.” She felt how all the Wraith began all ears. “I will stay here for the next few hours and will provide sustenance for your entire Hive.” A wave of anticipation raised in the room. “I know that comparing with a usual human I am giving much more energy so in a near future you won’t need to cull your feeding grounds. I give you my word that when the time comes for a new…feeding I will come and provide you again. You have a lot of my DNA to find out what cause my abilities and to learn more. But meantime I want to go back home.”

Miranda was talking looking straight into the yellow eyes of the Queen who seemed totally confused. ‘She hasn’t expected that offer’, Miranda thought.

The Queen glanced briefly around, then back to the Lantean, her eyes full of emotions, considering and then nodded. “I agree to your offer. I am sure you will honor it.”

The Lantean gave a flashing smile and standing up, extended her right hand to the Queen. The Wraith female stood up too and looked enquiringly at the hand.

“There is a custom when the parties forged a deal to shake each other hand as a sign of unity.” Miranda explained. The Queen slowly touched the hand and let the Lantean to shake it.

“Shall we continue?” Miranda asked. The Queen still staring at her own hand just nodded.


Ten hours later.

“Wow, now I know how Rodney feels when he is overfeeding with chocolate!”Miranda exclaimed as the last Wraith had finished with the feeding. She was sitting at a transport flying to the surface of the nearest planet with a Stargate. Her Wraith was sitting in front of her with eyes like melting gold. Ron was piloting the ship and from time to time was throwing at her flashing stares.

The transport landed and her Wraith said to Ron, “You stay here!” Ron snarled but obeyed the order. Miranda and the Wraith exited from the transport and for a moment she just stood there inhaling deeply the smell of flowers and enjoying the view of the green meadows around. Then she walked to the DHD followed by the Wraith and dialed an address of a planet that would be a starting point for her return to Atlantis. The shining pool of the Stargate plunged and established a wormhole.

She turned around and looked at her Wraith. He was standing close to her and she could see the tiny veins under the skin of his face. She raised a hand and ran it along his cheek, smiling.

“I think you need to be given a name. Something beautiful, strong and noble.” Her voice was full of emotions and gently her mind touched his.

Her Wraith touched the hand that was running along his face and stroked with affection his finger to the path from the wrist to the end of her index finger. His finger armor was in sharp contrast with the creamy white skin. “And what name will you give me, Miranda?”

I have never thought I will find the Wraith voice so appealing

“Alarick”, she said and waited.

“Does it mean anything that name?” he asked still stroking her palm.

“It means noble. Comes from the Old times when my ancestors have been warriors. Today it is very rare among us.” Miranda couldn’t hide her feelings anymore, “Will you accept it?”

A fire started burning in the golden eyes of the Wraith, “Yessssssss!” he hissed.

“Good.” She said and grasping his hand, turned it aside and gently ran a finger over his palm, caressing his feeding slit. A pleasure crossed his features. ‘Is this the Wraith equivalent of a kiss?’ she wondered. She looked up and leaving his hand stepped aside.

They stared at each other for a moment. Then Miranda turned around and stepped into the Stargate. A second later the shining pool disappeared.

Alarick stood there looking at the deactivated Stargate for a long moment, his hands clenching into fists, like he was hardly restraining himself from running after her. He heard a noise and immediately turned, facing Ron. The other Wraith was standing to the airlock of the transporter with a bewildered face, looking very strange at his Second in Command.

Snarling Alarick rushed into the transporter with a stone face; “We are leaving!” he hissed and took his seat not looking back.

Ron slowly entered in and gave Alarick a stare full of understanding.

 “Very well.”

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Chapter 18 A Touch

Chapter 18 A Touch

Disclaimer: I don’t own Stargate Atlantis.

Warning: contains violence and spoilers for Season 4.

This story is beta’d by Amaruk Wolfheart of the Wraith.


There was something strange in the Hive’s chambers. Perhaps the slight mist, floating over the floors or the humid air that was making breathing so hard.  The life support systems must have been hit.’ Miranda took a deep breath and tried to wipe off the thin film of sweat covering her forehead. The leather sleeve of her Wraith coat wasn’t designed for that, she realized. ‘Obviously the Wraith don’t sweat easily.’

Turning around, she noticed that her Wraith and four of his …colleagues were done relocating the conduits of the power console. ‘My Wraith…I have to give him a name. Something beautiful and strong, not a nickname like Sheppard’s Bob and Steve…or Dick.’ Ten drones were standing near the entrance, guarding the room. Miranda and her Wraith had discovered the chamber while trying to reach the Command Center. He’d wanted to continue to a safer place, not willing to risk her life, but she pointed out that 1) she is capable of taking care of herself and 2) if he wants to help his brothers they have to secure this wing of the Hive or else the enemy will be able to surround them. He had given her a weird look and, in the end, agreed.

While preparing for the invasion into the chamber, she felt something strange. The presence of the Queen’s mind had disappeared. Glancing around, she noticed that her Wraith stood frozen.

“What happened? The Queen…?” she asked, her hands still buried in the slimy electric chains of the controls.

He looked at her with so much desperation in his eyes that Miranda felt a strong urge to give him a hug. “The Queen …was stunned!”

“Not killed?”

“If she had been killed I would have felt it.” He began frenetically cutting the organic cover of the upper controls, trying to show strength and pretending he didn’t feel anything. Miranda stood up and caught his arm, forcing him to stop and look at her.

“What will happen to the Queen? Why would your enemy just stun her? I thought the enemy Queen would want to eliminate her rival.”

“The enemy Hive doesn’t have a Queen,” he said. “When we met in that forest several months ago, this Hive was attacking our territory with the intention…”

“Not just to take over your feeding ground?” Miranda asked.

“No. They have destroyed three other Hives, gaining control of their feeding grounds. I know they have tried to capture the Queens of the fallen Hives, but…a Wraith Queen is not one that would let herself be captured alive by another Hive.”  He took a deep breath and Miranda could feel his suffering.

“What will they do to her? Isn’t the Queen stronger than male Wraith?”

“She is…when she is in conscious. But they will keep her sedated and force her to breed new soldiers. This is a terrible fate for a Queen.” He was tearing the organic materials into small pieces. Looking at his trembling hands, Miranda finally realized what has happening,

“Your Queen didn’t order the Hive to self-destruct because of me. She knew the risks but still she had enough courage to enter the enemy Hive’s territory and to fight with them!”

Miranda lifted her gaze and looked into her Wraith’s yellow eyes. She gently raised her right hand and touched his face, running her palm over his tattoo and eyebrow. His skin was cool but surprisingly soft. She realized this was the first time she’d ever touched him. Her mind reached out to his and her words echoed in their heads. ‘I will not let this happen!’



The door of the chamber was blown to pieces and the controls burned to smoking holes. They invaded the room, stunning the enemy Wraith commander and several drones. Miranda wasn’t sure who was most surprised – the enemy Wraith or the friendly Wraith wrapped up tightly in cocoons. One of them was stacked on the wall with a naked chest. ‘What is this? An interrogation?’ she wondered, while tearing up the wraps around one of the tied Wraith. He carefully released the stacked Wraith and continued with the others. All of them were staring at her as if they’d met her before. ‘He must have shown them what I did before.

After releasing the last drone, he stood up with an uncomfortable look. ‘For the first time, I get to see a Wraith feeling awkward.’ She knew what he wanted and just turned to the nearest Wraith, the one with the naked chest. The collar of the coat she’d stolen was still open after she had done it for her Wraith. The pale white skin of her throat and upper chest contrasted sharply with the red blood left from the feeding. She looked at the Wraith, standing still and calm. The Wraith hadn’t moved his eyes from her, stepping closer and slowly extending his right arm to her while with his left hand he caught her shoulder. The sucking sound, like someone was sipping water from a glass, filled her ears at the same time strength flowed into her veins. Miranda looked at her Wraith and then at the others. Their expressions were frozen, almost as though they were standing in awe. Then she faced the Wraith that was feeding once again. He stepped aside and she just raised her eyebrows to the other Wraith.

“Well, who’s next?”



Miranda was standing and trying to concentrate on the data that was flowing on the computer tablet before her. The screwed-up life support systems didn’t help at all. She felt like a volcano about to erupt. ‘Sixteen feedings and I feel like I’m burning with energy.’ Electric waves were floating in her body, and even her bare feet were vibrating despite the cold organic floor.

One of the released Wraith had brought her the computer tablet, rescued from the branches of the tree on New Athos, and she had managed to hook it up to the organic console.  

“The main systems are isolated,” announced one of the Wraith, and Miranda looked up at her Wraith. He extended his hand over the console and their eyes touched. “I hope your plan works.”

“Of course it will work. I’ve tested this program on a Wraith cruiser, so I’m pretty sure it will work on a Hive. Your rivals don’t expect resistance from that part of the Hive. According to them, this wing is secured. That’s why we didn’t encounter any soldiers.” A little smirk appeared on her lips. “And I am sure that they didn’t expect the weapons to be overridden by a secondary system console, nor that it would be a target for that kind of a program.”

The holographic image of the life signs of the Queen and the Wraith that surrounded her was blinking over the console. The first thing Miranda did after overriding the console was to lock down the chamber where the Queen was held captive.  Then she vented out the atmosphere from that wing of the Hive that surrounded the chamber. This gave them time to finish with the other systems and forced the enemy Wraith to search for a way to get to the stunned Queen.

His fingers pushed a button and the weapon cannons fired, targeting the nearest cruiser. The ship exploded and the flames caused a chain reaction which drew the other two cruisers into the explosion.

She nodded to one of the Wraith standing nearby. He was manning the former control station of the life support, now a commanding unit of the isolated main systems.



On board the enemy Hive, the Command Center was buzzing with activity. The data streams were flowing on the holograph screens, sending information about the destroyed cruisers. 

On a platform at the far end of the room was seated a male Wraith. He was wearing a long leather coat with metal chest armor. Long white hair almost reached the armrests of the organic chair. Not one of the Wraith standing at the consoles dared to meet his sharp gaze. The face of the sitting Wraith was surprisingly calm in contrast with his burning eyes, now fixed on the Wraith kneeling before him.

“Give me a reason why I shouldn’t kill you at once. You, the First Scientist, are coming back from this conquered Hive with the insipid story of how some naked Lantean female stunned you twice and then took your uniform. And you want me to believe that a Lantean would allow you to escape?” The voice of the Wraith leader thundered throughout the Command Center, drowning out the noises of beeping consoles. Every Wraith in the room tried to become invisible.

The kneeling Wraith was staring into the eyes of his leader, saying nothing. His face was lighter green and pale than those of other Wraith. ‘I should have insisted that she throw me out of the first air lock she found. That would have been better than ending up as food!’

“My King, I …” He tried to explain, but the Wraith King rose from the chair and grasped him by the throat, extending his right hand to feed upon him.

In the moment before the Wraith leader slammed his hand down, an alarm sounded in the room. He stopped and looked at one of the shocked Wraith technicians.

“My King, all of the systems were invaded and now are shutting down the weapons and hyper drive!” the terrified technician announced.

“How is that possible!?” The Wraith King threw the choking scientist away and ran to the console. Suddenly all of the data flows disappeared, replaced by an image of a human female.

Everyone in the room recognized the uniform of the First Scientist that woman was wearing.  The feeding marks on her chest drew the attention of every Wraith. The woman was looking straight at the King and behind her stood a Wraith with signs of the Second in Command.  There was no fear in her eyes, just cold self-confidence and anger.

“Tell your warriors to leave the Queen’s chambers. If they do it in the next 30 seconds, your ship will remain in one piece!” she commanded.

“How dare you…” The King was infuriated, but she interrupted him.

“Twenty seconds!” Her blue eyes flashed. The King scowled as another alarm sounded in the Command Center.

“Is she telling the truth?” he asked the technician, who just nodded.

“She just started our self-destruct system.”

“Ten seconds!” Obviously the Lantean female was not the type of woman that likes to be kept waiting.

The King’s face twisted in anger. “I gave them an order to get back here and to leave the Queen unharmed.”

She raised her eyebrow and looked aside, searching for confirmation. She looked back at the King. “Good!” She was just about to shut down the transmission when the King stepped forward.

“You will go now, Lantean, but I will find you and then you will understand what a mistake you have made!”

She just smiled, further enraging him. “Really? I am looking forward to our next meeting. But I’m afraid that if I find you first, then you will understand how foolish it is to threaten a Lantean!”

He roared, but before he could say anything she continued. “By the way, do you have a name? After all, what shall I call you when we meet again?”

She moved her stare from the Wraith King, speechless with fury at this insolence, to the silent scientist. He was looking at her like someone hypnotized. Then she again transfixed the King with her gaze and the smile turned into a smirk. “I know the perfect name for you. Mind if I call you Dick?” She was obviously enjoying the look of twisted rage on the Wraith’s face. “So see you next time…Dick!”

The link was shut down and the Wraith watched the enemy Hive jumping into hyperspace, leaving behind a single Dart and three destroyed cruisers.


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Chapter 17 The Giving

Chapter 17 The Giving

Disclaimer: I don’t own Stargate Atlantis.

Warning: contains violence and spoilers for Season 4.

I will do my best with the next chapter. I give you my word:)

The chapter is not beta’d, please excuse my grammar:)


Miranda was running in the corridors, trying not to trip on the long leather jacket.  She encountered several times enemies Wraith but she was faster stunning them and leaving their bodies behind. She could feel how he was weakening with every second. ‘If only there were transports here..

She took the right corridor and rushed into a big hall. An enemy Wraith was working on a console and drones were guarding around. Miranda had eyes only for the limp figure in the pool of black blood on the floor. His eyes were closed and the grayness of his skin made him looks like dead. Seeing her, the enemy Wraith snarled and the drones opened fire.

Something in her exploded and the world became slower. Like the drones had been stopped moving, even the enemy Wraith was standing with a vicious expression on his face and bare teeth. Miranda shot once hitting the first drone, then eliminating the others. Her mind was analyzing the situation, while her body was doing all the things independently. ‘I’ve just accelerated my metabolism! No wonder why everything seems so slowly…’ Then the world came to normal again and she found herself in the hall with the stunned drones and the astounded enemy Wraith. He was still standing there not with a face saying ‘I will eat you!’ but with an expression of stupor. He tried to catch his stunner but Miranda reached him first, twisting his hand and slamming her fist into his face. His body made a short flight to the wall hitting it with a sticky sound and laid there motionless.

In the moment when the enemy Wraith’s body hit the wall, Miranda got to her Wraith. He didn’t react when she touched his cheek.  She could feel a slight pulse but his chest wasn’t moving indicating no breathing.

Gently, she held his right hand and opened it. His feeding slit was covered with his own black blood, ‘He must have tried to stop the bleeding..’ She pressed the palm on her chest and felt how he began sucking by an instinct.

Is it my imagination or there is a difference in the feeling how every Wraith feeds?’ A wave of energy filled her, making her stronger.  A whole ocean of life was fulfilling her, wave after wave of vitality, making her body vibrating with the every drop of vigour. She saw how he opened his eyes as the wound was healing. Her mind touched his, ‘Are you better now? I thought I will come too late to save you..’ She sent him feelings of worry and images how fast she had run in the corridors. She felt his smile and senses of amusement and gratitude, ‘And I was thinking I am going to save you!

The link was so strong that she could see his thoughts and his emotions toward her. ‘You had worried about me…?.’ she raised her eyebrows, looking at the now greenish face.

He looked at her widened eyes, a smile on his lips, revealing the sharp teeth, ‘Yes…’ His voice was hoarse. There was no denial, no shame or pretence to hide the truth, just a simple answer saturated with so many unspoken feelings, that her head began spinning. For the first time in her life, Miranda was caught emotionally unguarded. 

The nearest controls exploded and they had to shut down the link. He removed his hand and stood up, looking around. He noticed the outstretched Wraith near the wall, the stunned drones and sparks of admiration glimmered in his golden eyes.

“You really know how to deal with the Wraith!”

She just smiled.


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Chapter 16

Chapter 16 Awakening

Disclaimer: I don’t own Stargate Atlantis.

Warning: contains violence and spoilers for Season 4.

Hold on the name of Miranda’s Wraith is coming soon:)


This chapter is not beta’d, so excuse my English:)


She was standing on the green meadow, flooded with the moon light. Miranda felt the grass under her naked feet like a wet silk. She was looking at the full moon, enjoying the slight drizzle. The drops were raining over her, warm and soft. Only the quiet sounds of night birds disturbed the surrounding idyll. She tried to ignore the sharp sounds but they became stronger and louder. The moon began to blink. Miranda found that she can no longer enjoy watching the moon and looked around trying to find the source of the sounds. Suddenly the silk grass under her feet became sloppy and the ideal night disappeared.


She opened her eyes and saw a console with dimly lights over her. Miranda tried to move but she was wrapped in something warm and slimy. Only her face was free.  Despite her covered ears she could hear the alarms, echoing in the room.

Where am I?’ she thought, trying not to panic. She moved her feet and hands but the stuff that covered her was resilient. All of a sudden the room began shaking like something big was hitting it. She saw how the light began to flicker.

I have to get out of here.

She forced all of her strength and tore the slimy warp around her right hand. Then she freed her left hand and managed to release her legs. The slippery organic material has no smell but was still disgusting. She almost slipped herself on the floor when she tried to get up from the warp. The air was cold and in the first moments she just sat on the organic floor, in shock from the freezing air. Trembling, she realized she is naked and the only thing that was covering her was a thin film of sliminess, like a hair gel. Miranda looked around. The room was big, almost dark. She stood up and realized that the warp that she has tore was a cocoon.

I am on a Wraith ship!’

The memories began coming on the surface of her mind. The sword in her chest, the greenish face, the hunger, he holding her hand….

‘I am in his Hive’, suddenly the surroundings were more comfortable, even the cold diminished. ‘But where is he?’

Again the floor shook and Miranda caught the nearest console. The trembling stopped and all of a sudden the alarm was shut off.

Now, after she was awakened, Miranda was sure something was not right. Hundreds of voices were buzzing in her head, like she was near a bee hive. She concentrated, feeling the voices.

All of them are Wraith. Some are dying, others are wounded. And …’, she could recognize a mind, definitely Wraith, but so strong, like a super nova star, comparing to the other Wraith. ‘The Queen.’

She was curious to explore that mind, but she wanted, she needed to know what is going on with her Wraith. 

Another hit, shook the Hive and Miranda reached out and found that they are under attack of another Wraith ship. ‘They have encroached upon the enemy Hive’s territory to save me.’ She made out one Hive and three cruisers. Her attention was distracted from the swift pain in her chest. A glimpse and she saw an angry Wraith stabbing a spear like weapon in the chest of her Wraith, destroying a vital organ. ‘He could not regenerate, because of the severe hunger, caused of the Civil War.’

The last time he has fed has been when we were together in the jail’, realized Miranda and felt terrible to watch a suffering creature. ‘He can’t heal himself, he is going to die…’ She backed up and focused. Saving him was a priority one now. Quickly she searched the room but she didn’t find any weapons. ‘All of the weapons are now in use from the Wraith’. His pain was driving her crazy, she didn’t have time to equip with weapons.

The decision was surprisingly easy. Taking a deep breath, she headed towards the door. The same instincts that had overwhelmed her in the forest were now storming in her. The cold and tremble disappeared, something hot was boiling in her head, spreading in her body. Removing the organic cover over the controls, she redirected the electric chains and opened the door. There was no one in the corridor and she ran into the direction from where she was feeling him. She was aware that he was weakening but she didn’t dare to connect with him and encourage him because she was afraid her skills are not fine enough to link with him undetected with so many Wraith around. The voices in her head sounded louder and louder. Miranda realized she could recognize the minds of the enemies Wraith from the members of this Hive. The enemy Wraith’s minds were floating with a feeling of victory, a loathing over their rivalries, plans to overtake their feeding grounds, while the minds of the Wraith in her Hive were whirling in despair, hunger and desperation.

They are outnumbered, without humans for feeding  and realizing that if the rival Hive captures me, their enemies will have an endless source of sustenance.’

Miranda took a right corridor, flying upon a Wraith. ‘The bastard must have been sensed me’, she realized while his hand was slamming to her chest. The sucking filled her ears, ‘I have never thought I will like how the Wraith feeding sounds’. The influx of energy was so strong that she felt how her ears began ringing. Ignoring the wave of strength, Miranda grasped the feeding hand of the astounded Wraith and with a quick movement broke it. He screamed of pain and tried to free his hand, but her fist hit his face and he fall on the floor. Miranda stepped ahead and kneeling on a knee held tight the collar of his coat. Strange, but she felt great fighting with someone. Then she realized she had met that Wraith before. ‘He is the scientist that was going to do a dissection on my body!’

How small is the galaxy. Everywhere you go you can count to meet a familiar Wraith!’ 

He was looking at her and she saw how his eyes changed when he also recognized her.

“It is so interesting to experience what is to be on the other side, don’t you think?” She asked mockingly, noticing his amazement. His eyes were wide open. ‘I haven’t seen such a bewildered face.’

She stroked him once more, stunning him and then quickly removed his stun pistol. ‘He has fed, so it won’t be longer till he recovers’.

Miranda squatted and began to undress his coat. She was almost ready when he regained consciousness.

“What are you doing, Lantean?” he asked, slitting his eyes.

She took the coat and standing up looked at him,

“So you haven’t lost your sense of smell?” she lifted her eyebrows, watching him calculating a chance to catch her. She aimed the stunner at him and he froze hissing.

“If you try to link with your buddies, I will stun you and then I will throw you out of the first air lock I find out. You know I am not joking.” He eyed her and stopped hissing. She gave him a wide smile, while dressing his coat. “I see we understand each other perfectly”.

The leather reached the floor, after all the Wraith was a foot taller than her.  She was trying to figure what to do with the sleeves, when he said, “How do you know I haven’t informed them already?” There was a curiosity in his voice.

Miranda was turning up the second sleeve when he spoke. She just shrugged her shoulders and came closely, kneeling on a knee.

“How do you think if I am capable to revive my body and restrained to Wraith feeding, will something little like a telepathic communication will be a problem for me?”

She slid a finger over his cheek and neck in the same way he had done it months ago. His breathing became faster remembering that scene. She smiled again and stood up, pointing the stunner at him.

“I will stun you now but I think you will awake after few minutes. When you do I suggest going quickly to your ship because otherwise you will be a prisoner here. I don’t think the Queen of this Hive will like you enough to keep you alive.”  

“Why don’t you just stun me and throw me out the nearest air lock you find out? Or keep me as a prisoner in the Lantean City?” There was something strange in his tone and Miranda became aware that his eyes are no longer dilated in shock. He raised his eye ridges, looking at her with sparkles in his yellow eyes.  I begin like that Wraith.’

She laughed and answered, “I don’t like the idea of throwing out the airlock a pretty Wraith like you. It will be such a waste of genetic material.” He was again surprised and was staring at her like he didn’t believe to his ears. “And I don’t think you will like to be a prisoner in Atlantis. Colonel Sheppard may not be in a light mood and you wouldn’t want to end up with a name like Dick, would you?”

The stunner hit him in the same moment he realized the meaning of her words.


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Chapter 15 Purgatory

Chapter 15 Purgatory

Disclaimer: I don’t own Stargate Atlantis.

Warning: contains violence and spoilers for season 4.

I think to listen the call of my readers and to give Miranda's Wraith a name. I believe you will like it:) He will be named in one of the next chapters:)

The forest was dark and unusually quiet. The tall trees concealed the sun light, making the surface gloomy.

Teyla tried to loosen the knots of the rope tied around her wrists without getting the attention of the soldiers. She was so busy with her efforts to ease the knots that she didn’t notice the warrior in front of her had stopped. She hit his back and lost balance falling on the damp ground. ‘What happened?’ Teyla looked around and saw that her captors were surrounded by a group of humans with bows and spears. ‘Three enemy soldiers with guns against thirty with bows, they will be crazy if they try to resist.’

The soldier whom back Teyla had been hit, make a movement to get his gun and the warriors shot him. The spear hit his throat and a fountain of blood flew from the wound, splashing into her face. She closed her eyes, not daring to move trying to figure out whether the new warriors are friends or enemies.

“Teyla! I am so happy to see you alive!” the familiar voice made her open her eyes and she saw Dc. Keller, standing next to an old man with long white hair and something like a scepter in his hand. Jenifer looked very tired with dirt over her uniform and face but alive and well. The old man was staring at Teyla with the most clear green eyes she had ever seen. There was something strange in this man. ‘He looks at me like he is reading me.’

“Jenifer…Who are these people?”

One of the warriors cut the rope and helped her to stand on her feet. The old man was still watching her. She saw how he looked at her belly and then at her eyes with a thin smile. ‘He knows!’

Teyla was distracted from his stare by the flow of words coming from Dc. Keller.

“I was running to the Stargate when I tripped up a landing tree and fall and when I came to my senses the warriors of Davos had been found me. He was willing to help me against the rivals that came into their world. He is the spiritual leader of his people, The Seer.” Jenifer lowered her voice and whispered, “And he can see things, that are going to happen …He asked me to come with us to Atlantis because he has a message to our leaders.”

Teyla came closer to Keller. “You know that Colonel Carter forbade people from other worlds to come in Atlantis.”

“I know but he has had a vision about Atlantis and the war with the Wraith and the Asurans. I think Carter will agree to listen to him. I will convince her. Now we have to find Dc. Langner. She is repairing the listening sensors and …”

“ Miranda was captured after you left. And last time I saw her she looked very bad. I am afraid that she is dead.” Teyla couldn’t forget the pale face of the scientist.

“She is not dead, Teyla.” the old man said. Teyla was hypnotized by his eyes. Somehow she knew that his words were true.

“And where is she?” asked Keller.

He just smiled and pointed to the sky, “Up there”

He was holding her hand and with the left arm was keeping high an organic tube with pipe with fluids that were infusing into her arm. The other two Wraith were trying to stop the bleeding caused by the stacked sword in her chest. The men that had wounded her were tied in the entrance of the carrier. They were watching with disbelief the Wraith fighting to save the Lantean. He had given an order not to be killed. ‘Death is too merciful for them!’ Anger and desire for killing were storming in him. ‘They will die in agony for what they have done to her!’

Looking at Miranda, he noticed how her face usually with a slight pink complexion was now white as snow. ‘She is the only person that I can’t give the Gift of Life. What is a life for the others is a death for her,’ he thought and felt how something in him would be broken if she dies.

He focused his attention to the scientists that were working on the Lantean female. He wasn’t a specialist on the anatomy of the humans and Lanteans but he could see that they can’t stop the bleeding. Suddenly her body convulsed and stayed motionless.

“Her heart stopped,” announced one of the technicians, desperately working with his hands in her chest. The other one frenetically started picking out an electric device.

No! No…….

Three heavy electric impulses and her heart started leaping again.

“This is all I can do here in these conditions. We have to bring her to the Hive.” The scientist fastened the warp and covered with organic gel the place around the sword. He nodded to the drones and carefully caught her legs. The other one lifted her by the shoulders and put her on the stretcher.

The Chief Technician was watching the unconscious Lantean, lying in the medical cocoon. Three big organic containers were attached at the feeding conduits of the cocoon. So far only a small percent of the nourishment in the containers was absorbed. ‘She is from Sheppard’s people. I can see why the Commander was so impressed by her.” He remembered her strength when she linked with the mind of the Second in Command. To break the defense of an old and experienced Wraith intended a force equal of that of a Wraith female. Her presence was so strong and the most interesting was that her invasion was not intentional but driven by a pure instinct. He remembered how strong Sheppard was when he fed upon him in the Kolya’s jail. He had sensed the Lantean in him, but such mind as that of the woman in the cocoon was something he has never seen or heard for the Lanteans.

“How is she?”

He lifted his eyes from the motionless body and looked at the Queen. The yellow eyes were studying the pale figure in the horizontal cocoon. Her long dark hair was sparkling in the gloomy light.

The medical scientist reported, “We successfully took out the sword and stopped the bleeding but her condition is still critical. Her immune system can’t fight with the poison that had been injected into the body. We are trying to filter her blood but she has lost so much blood and that makes the task harder.” He looked at the body in the organic cocoon and then at the Chief Technician. He coughed and took the word.

“We run some tests in order to find a compatible blood from the worshippers and we found something ….unusual”.

His statement caught the attention of the Queen. She fixed her yellow eyes on the Chief Technician, “What did you find out?”

He put his hand on a console and activated a hologram. Red circles began floating in the air. “This is how her blood looked like when we found her on the planet an hour ago”, he pointed at the circle forms and then another hologram appeared, “And this” he looked at the new image, ”is how her blood looks now.”

The circles were replaced by multi-angled forms that were moving fast. They changed again while the Wraith were staring at them.

“What that means?” asked the Queen, throwing a curious look at the Lantean.

“I am not sure why her blood cells are changing. What I can say with certain is that this is not deterioration because of the poison. They are regrouping but I still can’t figure why they are doing this. And I am amazed how is possible such a thing. However…I have a theory why this is happening.”

He commanded another hologram. This time the image was fast-changing spheres and angled objects.

“Studying her changing blood cells I remembered that the last time I have seen something close to this was when we encountered the replicators the Lanteans had created in order to stop us. Her cells are changing in a similar way as the replicator’s ones when they were trying to break the containment fields.” His words echoed in the silent lab. The entire Wraith eyed the figure of the Lantean.

The Queen frowned, “I am sure that she” she nodded at Miranda, „is not a machine.”

“And I am sure, too, my Queen”, a slight film of perspiration covered the face of the male Wraith, making his tattoo to glisten, „but from what I found I am absolutely certain that the Lantean female had encountered replicator’s cells in the recent months and somehow assimilate them in her own DNA changing them and making them truly organic, strapping them from their original goal. Her DNA has absorbed these parts of them responsible for the self-replicating and defense and the other parts have been destroyed. I also found that her DNA has new gene chains I haven’t seen in any other Lantean or human. My theory is that the changing we are seeing now is a new form of an immune response of her organism to the poison. It is a new way of saving energy and preventing the poison to deplete her power.”

The Queen was about to say something when she froze. A loud alarm sound rang in the lab.

“We are under attack”, she hissed and headed to the entrance, followed by the drones and the lower status technicians. The medical scientists went with her. They had done everything they could for the Lantean.

The Chief technician stood alone in the dark room. He looked at the unconscious Lantean and shaking his head uttered, “There is much about you that we don’t know….”

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Chapter 14 Poison

Chapter 14 Poison

Disclaimer: I don’t own Stargate Atlantis.

Warning: contains violence and spoilers for Season 4.



Hive’s organic walls were vibrating at the accelerated rates of the hyper drive engine. The last time he remembered the Hive flying so fast was 10 000 years ago when they were fighting in the War with the Lanteans. Ironically they were again in hurry but this time to rescue a Lantean. He could feel the agitation of the Queen and his brothers. The feeling was flowing in the Hive’s link like a storm. When he and his brothers returned alive after they have been captured with the amazing story of a Lantean that gave them sustenance without dying, the Hive was truly astounded. And now with the call for help, the decision of the Queen was expected. They will go and fight but they will find that Lantean.

Focusing on the hologram he noticed that they have reached the destination from where the call for help had come.  He stared at the blue image of the planet that they were flying to.

It is blue as her eyes’, he thought and with the thought for that Lantean female came a feeling that he hasn’t thought he would feel for a Lantean and to anyone else except his own kind. When he first met that strange female he wanted nothing more then to suck her dry from her energy. He was hungry and wounded and the sense of the Lantean was overwhelming. She was like a whirl of life, pulsating in blue, like an oasis in the desert. Comparing with her the other human males that wounded him, they were like mud.

Feeding upon her the first time was unforgettable. He was sucking and sucking and the energy was beautiful, never stopping or depleting. As longer he fed the more energy came. Like she was a never failing spring of life. He was astounded and felt how she became stronger, like his feeding was giving her the same he was receiving from her. Then he felt for the first time the link between them. To leave her when the humans began shooting at him and wounded her was one of the most difficult decisions he had ever taken.

Miranda….Her name is Miranda….’ He tasted mentally her name, feeling an excitement by the single thought about the name of the Lantean female. Unlike the Wraith for the Lanteans and humans the names were public, they shared them easily. ‘Miranda Langner…Doctor Miranda Langner….’

He wanted to stay with her not to feed, but just to be closer to her presence. Like his Queen Miranda’s presence was exhilarated. Thinking about her he remembered her long hair, with a color like a sunrise, with red gleaming.

Such an unusual color. A few tones more red and she would be alike the hair of a Keeper…’

He remembered her smile, her good feelings, and her honor……And her pain when she linked with him an hour ago. He tried many times to establish a link but it didn’t work.

I hope she is still alive….’

Her feeling pain made him fear. The thought that he could loose her was unbearable.

A low cough from one of the technicians that were working on the console, made him aware that he has stopped working and was standing staring at the hologram that now was showing that the Hive will have to drop from the hyper space. Feeling a little embarrassed that he had been caught out of guard he looked at the hologram and the tactic display. He sensed the orders of the Queen Stargate to be dialed and the dart’s pilots to investigate the planet and order him to go on the planet and find the Lantean.




Miranda slowly came to her senses. Hunger was burning in her and the pain was severe. She was on the chair and someone was splashing water into her face and body. Blinking, she tried to find out who is doing that.

“I thought Lanteans are stronger. A little drop of liquid of truth and you failed away. Are you ready to speak, now?” A low and sneering voice whispered in her ear. Miranda turned around her head and faced the man that had captured her.

She looked at his black eyes.

 If only I was free, I would kill him!’ she thought but she knew it is useless to try it now. ‘If I pretend to work for him, I could convince him to untie me’

She was trembling and sweating when she took a decision. “I will tell you everything what do you want to know.” She saw the sparks of triumphs in his eyes and his smirk.

“Very good, my dear. I think we will understand each other excellent.” He ran a finger to her wet midriff and then to her throat. His smirk was disgusting.

I think I will kill him slowly’, she thought, trying not to scream from the fire that burned in her. Miranda looked around. Teyla was not in the tent.

“Where is Teyla?” she wanted to know. He hit her face and raising again the blade covered with the blue stuff, came closer to her, “I am the one who asks the questions.” She drifted back from the blade, hating his smirk and gloating.

“But I am in a mood to tell you. I send her to the Gate as a delivery for my employer. As we speak she is crossing the Gate.”

He didn’t say anything about Keller. So there is a chance she has reached Atlantis.’

He was just to go on with the interrogation when one of his men rushed into the tent with a terrified look.

“Commander Lort, the Gate was just activated and few Wraith ships flew from it.”

Lort scowled. “Damn it! I thought that world has been culled recently!”

He looked at the soldier then at the Lantean. She was pale and from her nose and mouth were flowing little streams of blood. He came closer and touched her cheek. It was cold as ice. Her eyes were unfocused and she was hardly breathing.

“It seems that the liquid of truth is a poison for the Lanteans”, observed Lort and told to the soldier, “Untie her and bring her to the forest.”

The soldier untied her and lifted her body on his shoulder, following his Commander to the forest. Miranda was so weak that she could not move even her hand. Energy was diminishing fast. Everything in her was burning and she was seeing the world blurred. Outside the sun was high in the sky. The soldier got her body and leaned her on the tree. She tried to stand on her trembling feet. Lort brought out his sword and holding the hilt of the shining blade, he raised it.

“You are going to die so I decided to end your suffering. After all it is better if I kill you than to be fed by a Wraith. Do you want to say something before I finish you?”

Miranda was shivering. ‘I want to be fed by a Wraith, more than you can imagine.’

She clenched her teeth and angrily looked at him, “This is your idea for help, isn’t it? If someone is sick you are finishing him and even expect me to be gratitude for your gesture? You are pathetic!”

She saw how Lort scowled. Obviously he didn’t expect her to resist when she is dying. Miranda felt how the inner bleeding became stronger and the blood chocked her. Spilling the blood out, her last strength left her and her feet gave up. She fall on the covered with leaf ground and Lort came to her and lifted the blade, pointing it to her chest. The buzzing sound of approaching darts filled her ears. Lort heard it too.

Miranda raised her eyes to the blue sky, ‘At least I will die under the sky that looks like Earth’. Lort stroke and the blade stabbed to her chest. Miranda didn’t even scream she just hadn’t strength to do it. The world faded away when someone began to scream and she heard coming steps. A figure stood in the sun light and she saw the familiar greenish face with a tattoo like a wave with three lines. The yellow eyes were staring at her with horror.

She smiled at him and whispered “You came!”

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Chapter 13 First Blood

Chapter 13 First Blood

Disclaimer: I don’t own Stargate Atlantis.

Warning:  contains violence and spoilers for Season 4.


The neckline of the jacket revealed the neck, a big part of the upper chest and the breasts. The low-cut neckline reached the midriff, leaving exposed the very part of the breast and throat. Blue strips from the shoulders to the bottom of the low-cut neckline attracted the eyes to the naked flesh.

“This is some kind of a joke, isn’t it?” Miranda asked, staring in shock at the mirror.

“This is the new Atlantis’s uniform for the female members of the expedition”, informed her Colonel Carter. She was wearing the same kind of a jacket with black strips on the shoulders. In the room was full with women, looking confused in the new uniforms.

“But this….uniform is too….” Miranda paused, trying to figure out the right word. She hesitated between ‘unprofessional’ and ‘distasteful’, “it reminds me for the first episodes of Star Trek”.

“I decided to change the old uniforms. They were too casual, too featureless. I think we will be much more comfortable in these” Samantha Carter ignored her comment and smiled to the annoyed faces of the women. “So, the color strips on your shoulders mark your status. The blue ones are for the scientists, the yellow ones for the medicals, the black ones are for the military, and the red ones are for the administration. Any questions?” She looked around but no one said anything.

I think we are too stunned by the new ‘comfortable’ uniforms to ask questions’, thought Miranda, still didn’t believing that she will have to wear such kind of an uniform. The trousers were more tight-fitting to the legs, with fewer pockets. Instead of the T-shirt with high neckline they now had new ones, even lower-cut than the jackets.

What will be next to make our uniforms more personal? Short skirts?’ Miranda just signed and focused her attention to the speaking Carter.

“Doctor Langner, I want you to come to the Briefing Room for instructions about a mission.”

 I have an important task already. I am writing a new definition for the ZPM…’, Miranda hated going to off world missions. She felt great in her laboratory and working with McKay and Zelenka.


Three hours later, Samantha Carter, Teyla, Dc. Keller and Miranda were sitting in the Briefing Room.

“This will be just a short trip to New Athos, the world that we had evacuated the Atosians, Teyla’s people. They didn’t answer to the last messages and we believe that something in their communication equipment has gone wrong. I am sending you to check out the situation” Carter said, looking at Teyla and Dc.Keller. Then she moved her eyes to the silently sitting woman next to them, “And you, Dc. Langner will go with them and check the listening sensors we have left there. They are not responding. May be this is in a result from the sun winds in the system. I want to go there and to fix them, as well as the communication devices of the Athosians”

Miranda was listening to Carter, when a sudden feeling crossed her mind. She looked at Teyla. After the last time Miranda had died she could now sense all the people in Atlantis and she could tell that Teyla was different. Her presence was similar to that of the Wraith’s but like a pale shadow. Wraith presence was like a fire, humans were like ice. People with Lantean’s genes were like sharpen steel. Teyla’s was like a smoke, left from the burning fire. Now she could feel her worry for the evacuated people, her anger that she had not been with them and….something else that Miranda couldn’t tell what exactly was. Like there was another creature in Teyla’s body. Her belly was sending emissions like a melting iron.

‘Could it be?’, Miranda wondered, but could not go on because Carter finished her speech and stood up. Rising from the seat, Miranda took a second look at Teyla and saw that the Atosian woman was glaring at her, knowing that Miranda had felt her emotions.


“All right. This is the simulation for the new ZPM definition. Do NOT touch or turn off the computer till I return.” Miranda told Zelenka, without stopping her preparations for the coming mission. She has put a defending vest on her chest and was taking a life-sign detector in one of the vest’s pockets. Another equipment and a tablet were packed in the grey rucksack nearby.

“Don’t worry! I will keep your simulation safe.” Said a little tetchily Radek.

Miranda sensed that she has insulted him and paused, looking at him, “I am sorry, Zelenka. I know you can maintain the whole Atlantis, just….I am nervous when it comes to go off world.”

“I know, Miranda. Rodney behaves the same when he had to leave the lab”, Radek tried to hide his smirk, unsuccessfully.

“Do you know when McKay will come back from Earth?” she asked, zipping the rucksack and heading towards the door. Radek followed her and they went into the transport.

“As far as I know after 2 days. I am receiving everyday messages from him with warning not to touch his things in the lab”, he smiled, as they exited from the transport near the door of the Gate Room. The unspoken words ‘like you’ hang up in the air.

Miranda signed and just nodded her head, “Sometimes we scientists are very much alike..”, she wave her hand for good bye and entered in the Gate Room.



They emerged from the Stargate in the early morning. The down has just begun. The sun was rising from the east and lighting the forests in red. Even the nearest lake seemed like full with blood.

“Dc. Langner, I and Jennifer will go the summer camp of my people to check what is going on there.” Teyla pulled out a map of the surrounding area, point a finger at the mark of the camp. “We shall meet there after 4 hours”

Miranda pulled up her own tablet and activated the virtual map. “Ok. 4 hours” She saw how Teyla and Keller went to the forest and she headed to the lake. ‘I hate the forests; you can never be sure what is hiding in them.’ According to the reports there were no big predators or any other treats on New Athos, but somehow Miranda didn’t trust the reports.

She had the feeling that someone is watching her, although she couldn’t sense anyone.


Ten minutes later, the feeling that someone is watching her became unbearable. All her new found instincts were screaming in alert. Miranda felt how with the treat, unknown aggression got out. ‘Now I know how the Wraith feel when they are fighting or someone is trying to endanger them.’

She didn’t slow her walk, pretending that nothing happened. Her mind was hectically searching for a way out of this situation. ‘What I have to do? I can’t sense them. They somehow managed to escape me’, she continued walking to the lake. Then a wild idea hit her, ‘I will do what a Wraith would have done in the same situation!’

Miranda ran to the nearest trees and sensed how the distance between her and those who were watching her extended. A new and strange energy was flowing in her body, forcing her to run faster and faster. Just for seconds she covered almost a hundred feet to a very high tree and with unsuspected strength, Miranda jumped up a ten feet over to the top of the tree and grasping the wide branch, she removed her rucksack and the vest and put them on the branch. Her instincts were dictating her to do.

Her breathing wasn’t change, nor did she feel weak or tired. Standing motionless, she noticed three figures approaching the forest. Coming closer, she recognized they were humans, but with weird masks and helmets, wearing dark chest-armors and big and wide swords. They began searching around the tree, noticing that her steps disappeared there. Strange, but she could not feel them. Like they weren’t close.

Shielding technology?’ Miranda thought, remembering the reports she had read about the shielding that Michael, a Wraith, had created in his lab in the Terranen planet. She looked carefully at the three men and noticed that one of them was wearing a different kind of breastplate from the others. In the center of the primitive metal armor was fixed a device, looking alike the personal shield McKay has found in Atlantis three years ago. ‘Lantean technology?’

She focused and tried to hold down the aggression that was burning in her. The man with the device stood to the tree and the other two went to the bushes, searching for her.


    Gathering her strength she jumped from the tree and with a nimbleness movement landed on the ground behind the man. She stroke and hit him, stunning him. He tried to back up, but she was faster. With a single movement she reached and broke his neck, throwing the body away and leaping to the other two. Her instincts overwhelmed her mind; the kill was done for a blink of an eye. A second and another one laid dead, while the third one was agonizing from his own sword, stacked into his throat. Desire for killing, aggression, a predator hunting the weak prey were whirling in her. The smell of Lantean blood was intoxicating. ‘I know how the Lantean blood smells. No wonder the Wraith could have recognized me immediately

    She stood up, wiping the blood from her hands over her jacket, when she realized what has happened, ‘I killed three men!’ The shock made her freeze; she has never killed anything but a mosquito.

Something new emerged in her and replaced her terrified look at her covered with blood hands, ‘I had to do it!’

Miranda forced herself to calm down and went to the man, she had killed first. She wringed the device from his armor and thought ‘Deactivate!’

Suddenly she could feel the surrounding area. ‘Oh, no…!’

The shield has been stopping me sensing the others in the forest’, realized Miranda, when a blue stun hit her chest and she fell, passing away.


Slowly, with dizziness, Miranda came to her senses. Lifting her head, she noticed a man with the same armor as the ones, she had killed. He was without the mask and helmet and staring at her. She saw the ugly scar on his face and the cold black eyes that were monitoring her. He was middle aged, with bald head.

Ignoring him, Miranda looked around. Teyla was captured too, tied up and hanging from the ceiling’ boards. Miranda was tied to a chair. ‘We are in the summer camp of her people’, Miranda understood and focusing, tried to reach the mind of the Athosian woman.

Teyla, don’t look at me. Pretend you are feeling sick.’

She felt the answer, ‘No need to pretend. I am sick’

 Where is Keller?’

I told her to run and bring help. So far these monsters haven’t got her, so I hope she has reached the Stargate’

A strong blow forced her to shut down the link and to look at the man.

“So, what have we here? A full blood Lantean and..” he turned his head mockingly at Teyla, “the Leader of the Athosians”

Miranda didn’t like his gloating, “What do you want from us?” She asked, interrupting him.

“Me? I want nothing. I have already have been paid too generously.” He said and nodding at one of the soldiers in the tent, he sat down on a chair and took out his dagger. Playing with the shining blade, he smiled at her, “I informed my employer that we have captured her”, he nodded to Teyla. “This is just an appetizer for him, till we capture McKay and Sheppard, and the Runner” He stopped playing with the blade and stood up, coming closer to her. “But I have not been paid to deliver you. So I think to keep you for myself. I have heard that the Lanteans have many secrets and a large knowledge. I saw you how you turn off the device of the Ancestors” he slided down her neck the blade, leaving a thin line of blood. “You killed my soldier who was the only one who could activate this device, so it’s fair if I keep you in his place. I gave a lot of money for this device and I intent to use it.” His smirk was disgusting, as well the way he looked at her. He noticed that the wound was healing very fast. “It seems that the Lanteans have and other amazing abilities, except their knowledge”, he said with raised eyebrows.

Why I always meet the idiots in this galaxy? First Tyre, now this jerk!’, thought Miranda angrily.

“I won’t tell you anything. And you will die when the others come for us” she whispered, with a cold wrath, looking at him.

“You will…. and when I finish with you, you will beg me to tell me everything.” He sneered and in this moment the man he had nodded before, entered in the tent with a glass vessel in his hands. The glass was full with light blue liquid. He gave it to his leader and left the tent.

“This is the ‘liquid of truth’”, informed her man and dipped the blade into the blue thing. “One drop of it and every man or woman willingly began speaking. It was made by the Genii a decade ago. One of them, my friend Kolya sold me this. The original purpose of it has been to be used in the interrogation of the captured Wraith, with whom your leader Sheppard had escaped a year ago. Some of the Genii scientists had found that this drug cause a severe pain and hunger in the Wraith’ body, forcing him to answer to their questions. Later the Genii discovered that it is the ideal drug if you want humans to tell you the truth. I don’t know how much is needed for a Lantean to take effect. Actually you will be the first Lantean, exposed to this drug.”He pilled out the blade and glided it to her neck, cutting the skin and mixing the liquid with her blood. He stepped aside and stood up sneering.

 Miranda felt a slight ache at the place he had cut the skin, and then the feeling grew stronger, turning into a burning, like a collar of fire around her neck. The pain was beyond description, sucking her strength and energy. It began quickly to spread through out her body. Soon she was burning, trembling and sweating. She clenched her teeth, trying not to scream. Hunger clouded her thoughts, storming in her.

“Well? Are you ready to speak?” he asked, with a wide smirk on his face.

Panting heavily, she looked at him, “Yea. Do you want me to tell you what a thundering idiot, are you?”

He stopped smirking and dipping the blade again he cut a new line on her neck. Terrifying pain stormed in her head. The whole world began spinning. Miranda felt how something in her mind opened and after a gleaming flashing, she found herself in a dimly lit place, staring at a hologram.

I am in another mind’ she realized, and lifting her/someone eyes she saw a Wraith with a familiar tattoo on his eye and cheek. He saw her too. ‘I have seen this Wraith before,’ she became aware, remembering the records she has seen in Atlantis, ‘this is Sheppard’ Wraith, the one that gave him the Gift of Life! But in whose head I am?’ she tried to find out, when she understood this is the mind of her Wraith. He sensed her too and a mental wonder came to her, ‘You!’ There wasn’t any attempt to fight her, just an overwhelming feeling of surprise and a warm, bright emotion, directed at her that she could not identify. The pain and hunger was depleting her energy fast. Miranda sent him the images of the men that had captured her, New Athos, the blue liquid, the tent. She couldn’t think clearly, everything was in chaos in her head. The link between her and him began to fail. Feeling that she is out of energy, that she is going to die, Miranda with a last strength thought ‘Help…’ The link broke and she started to fade away, when a dump thought crossed her mind, ‘I forgot to send him the Stargate address…Oh, crap…   



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Chapter 12 Honor

Chapter 12 Honor

Disclaimer: I don’t own Stargate Atlantis.

Warning: contains violence and spoilers for season 4.



Miranda walked behind the enemy Wraith, inspecting the situation.  From the low hill she could see

five enemy Wraith and three worshippers, besieging her people. She aimed the stunner and fired.

Two enemy Wraith were hit by the blue charges. Surprised one of the other Wraith turned around

and reveled himself for her stunner. Miranda quickly neutralized him and one of the worshippers.

The friendly Wraith shot the other two worshippers. Sheppard and marines’ P-90 hit the enemy



The battle was short and furious. Miranda stood up and headed towards her people.


She looked at the wonder-stroked faces of Sheppard, Teyla and the Wraith. Zelenka was supporting

the wounded McKay.


“Dc.Langner, I thought Ronon has killed you!” Sheppard exclaimed, with widened eyes.


“He killed me, Colonel. I will explain you later my resurrection.”


He just nodded, staring at her body and the spot where Ronon had shot her.


The eyes of her Wraith were sparkling, liked lit with internal fire. She could sense the feeling that

stormed in him and the other Wraith.


They are astounded, not believing what they are seeing …and ….respected …even …??’ She was just

to identificate the last sense, but yelling of McKay stopped her.


“I can’t express how happy I am to see you again, Miranda. If you haven’t shown up I should die from

my wounds!”


She looked at his wrapped shoulder.


“Thank you, Rodney. But how did you get this wound? Last time I saw you were alright.” Miranda



McKay blushed and lifted his chin, ignoring the mocking eyes of the marines.


“I shot myself…but this was during the battle!”


She raised her eyebrows and smiled assuringly.


“Don’t worry. We are going home and I am sure Jennifer will take care for you.”


“Colonel Sheppard, this is Caldwell. What is going on there? The sensors are picking Wraith life signs

near you.” the voice sounded from Sheppard’s radio.


So they have come with Deadalus.


“We rescued McKay, Langner, Ronon and the marines. You can beam us …” he was just to continue,

 but Miranda interrupted him.


“Colonel, wait!” She looked at the Wraith. They stood there with stone expression on their faces.


Sheppard threw a glance at her and said, “I will tell you when you will have to beam us.  Sheppard



“What?” he asked, tuning off the radio. She could see that he was impatient to leave this place.


“I have to do something I promised them.” She nodded to the silent group of Wraith.


Sheppard scowled and getting closer to her, whispered,

 “We could take them with us, you know.. Keller will be very happy to have them.”


Miranda understood his point. She locked eyes with him and said with a serious expression on her


“Colonel Sheppard, when I came to this galaxy, I signed on a contract to be a scientist and to follow

 the orders of Dc. Weir or yours in a case of emergency. But nowhere in the contract, have I agreed

to lie or not to keep my word.”


She saw how he threw her a surprised look. She didn’t give him time to recuperate.


 “They could leave me, after they killed Tyre, but I asked them for help and they agreed. So far they

have kept their word, gave The Gift of Life to McKay and cooperated in any way. I promised them

freedom if they help me. And now you suggest taking them with us. For the Wraith this will be a new

jail, even more disgusting because they will be nothing more then guinea pigs to the retrovirus. If you

insist, I will follow your order, but this will means disgrace for me, you, Atlantis, Earth. Because we

 will loose our honor. “


 She continued staring defiantly at him. Sheppard’s forehead was still frowned. Miranda could see

 that he was thinking about the Wraith with whom he had escaped from Kolya’s cell, few months

 ago. She could feel the eyes of the Wraith on her.  


He raised his eyes, “You are right.”


She took a deep breathe, relieved. “Thank you, Colonel.”  Her Wraith hasn’t moved his eyes. Waves

of admiration flew from him and the others.

Miranda looked at the Wraith.


There was no need to explain, they understand.


She walked to the DHD of the Stargate and pulled up the control crystals from the big pockets of her

trousers. Quickly she attached them to the controls and stood up. Touching the red activation zone in

the centre of the DHD, she saw how it lit. Miranda stepped aside and one of the Wraith started

dialing the Stargate. The other three were still looking at her. The link between them and her was

stronger than ever.

She saw how the Stargate activated. Her mind touched theirs and the words echoed in their heads.

Good bye. I wish you well.’

She sensed their mental nods, while entering in the Stargate. Her Wraith stayed and looked at her.

His eyes were enormous, like two yellow crystals, shining on the green face. He gently turned back

the mind touched.


I have never thought that I will meet a Lantean like you….so different and so honest.”


She looked at him, amazed that he had found she is a Lantean.


You have read my thoughts!’ she was angry to herself and ready to blame him, but he said, ‘No! I

smelled the blood of the Lanteans, the first time we met.


She recognized the truth in his words and calmed down.


“Dc. Langner, the sensors are picking up approaching Darts. We have to go!” Sheppard cried out.

She was just to break the link but he stopped her.


Shall I see you again?’ he asked.


Who knows?’ Miranda answered with a smile and breaking the link, nodded to Sheppard.


The sparkling light of the beam sent her on the board of Daedalus.


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